Drunken Hit & Run

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jaythejester 435

Jesters Industries is proud to present the latest in surgical shotgun shenanigans. The madness seers who dreamed up the deck Amadilos drunken doomsday shotgun had, it seems, presented us with a deck before the ripeness of doomtown. Now, as the final set is released, the pieces have come together, and so has a far more reasonable and non-politically correct name, The Drunken Hit and Run.

Firstly, there are 3 kung fu masters in this deck to pick from, Carlton "Min" Rutherford, Bai Yang Chen, and El Armadillo De Hierro. It really depends on what you expect from your opponent.
Starting Carlton (and swaping Benjamin for Jake) provides a 0 upkeep line up for greater buying power and he has potential to unboot if your having difficulties pinning opponents downt. His bullets are low, so he may be suited more for hunting lower value targets.
Bai Yang Chen gives a much larger starting purse, and if uncontested provides a hand size of 8, while this can provide a sizable speed advantage, his need to get back to opponents home can be a conflict of interests in getting him equipped with jars and a shotgun.
Finally, The Armadillo is the most expensive, but most threatening. This guy can string together massive combos boosting his bullets high enough to kill ANY dude. He is however naturally a draw, so without Xui Yin Chen ability, his bullets will only be useful for the shotgun. He is the greediest, but most aggressively rewarding choice, if he doesn't tank your economy.

Now for the new hotness. 108 Drunken Masters combos ridiculously well with Focusing Chi If you draw focusing chi for a technique pull you get to look at the top three cards of you deck, discard any you choose, and then keep focusing chi with home ability. This essentially gives you an extra card in hand, and one that you have some manipulation over which card you get. Having a focusing chi in hand during a shootout, and placing it on top your deck just to be drawn for a technique pull, and to be grabbed back into hand to be played again is a good way of skyrocketing Armadillos bullet rating. Peeking at the top 3 cards of you deck and discarding what you don't want can also be extraordinarily useful in combo with Baijiu Jar.

I typically play this deck heavily avoiding reaching shootout resolution, instead acing dudes with shotguns after playing Zhu's Techniques, then escaping with Rabbit's Deception. It is fairly capable of a straight flush if so necessary, but my local meta is so plagued by shootout resolution cards, I built this deck to specifically avoid it. There also is no cheating resolution in the deck so it can be beaten by cheating 5 of a kinds.

Most valuable addition to this deck has to be Baijiu Jar. In combo decks, card advantage is everything. With a deck that has hand size 6 with Randall, possibly 8 Bai Yang Chen, and can keep a card pulled as a technique (equivalently another card draw), what could we want? More influence? More cards drawn into hand? More discarded and redrawn cards? Yes, yes, and yes. It, Is, So, Good!

Deed choices are ones that have high rewards for who controls them. Pettigrew's Pawnshop works double time when Doomsday Supply is used to play a goods. Of particular fun should be any time The Mayor's Office is used as a saloon to have a drunken Kung Fu brawl in.

Oct 16, 2016 soulblight

Looks fun! Intentionally not using jokers?

Oct 16, 2016 jaythejester

Good question. I chose not to include jokers since this is fundamentally a combo deck. In a combo deck, jokers are the last thing you want to draw into hand, and while this deck has amazing discard and draw mechanics, when you draw a joker, you could have drawn something more useful toward performing a hit and run.

I may be wrong though, and running jokers may end up making this deck stronger over all in low-ball and succeeding at a straight flush if you find the desire to end a shootout the old fashioned way.