Mechanical Regulators

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jaythejester 455

Jesters industries are punching things up a bit. The Regulators are rolling out a steampunk Technological Exhibition. Nathan Shane and Warren Graves are getting out fitted with Power Fists and Power Armor!

Firstly, the starting income is lying to you. Margaret Hagerty will invent Post-A-Tron at the beginning of game and reduce it's upkeep. Then, booting Post-A-Tron in the Town Square earns you 3 more. This should be a decent starting economy. You can than bring her to the town square using home ability and make her a stud. Equivalent of 3 stud dudes, 3 gr unspent, and income 5 seems decent.

I realize this deck has no cheating cards. It will rely on Force Field to raise hand ranks, than Outgunned to win. Against slide and control, Run 'Em Down! is your go to for spot removal. Technological Exhibition will get your choice gadgets,

Ultamate Combo: Nicholas Kramer + Yagn's Mechanical Skeleton + Hydro-Puncher. Jack value, 8 stud, 2 influence, cannot be moved or booted by opponent, boots an opponents dude and/or attached card!

This deck will suffer badly if opponent knocks out Margaret Hagerty, and only runs two other scientists in deck. Sacrifices were made to get the starting dudes, draw structure, and desired cards in deck.

Dec 14, 2016 Baron_Fel

Unless I am missing something, Margaret Hagerty is going to fail to create your Yagn's Mechanical Skeletons on 6's and 7's unless you use Technological Exhibition. Seems pretty risky

Dec 15, 2016 jaythejester

Good catch. I played around a bit with starting posse after I picked the values for this deck. you can start Specks instead of Irving, which will cost one more in upkeep, but he can boot to lower the cost of your inventions and half your deeds, or you can start "Lucky" Sky Borne and Marty instead of Irving and Willa.

Feb 08, 2017 Orris

Got an idea regarding starting posse. As both Nicholas Kramer and Diego Linares are in value, the latter would be better starter. We have two Mad Scientists and one GR more. Influence is the same. Using this 1 extra GR, we can hire Travis Moone instead of Willa Mae MacGowan. Both are cheap cannon fodder but first one offers us valuable grifter ability and can become more experienced version from value of 7. And all of this with change of only one card!