The Sitdown Strike - Booted Dudes Edition

published Jun 30, 2017 | | |
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(This decklist accompanies Episode 19 of the Booted Dudes Podcast. For more information, find us on or )

This deck just wants to sit on your opponent's deeds, literally. Changes from the original version include Elliot Smithson in the starting posse and a few more jobs (Kidnappin', Signing Over the Stores). Make them count:

As soon as you have more than one of them in your discard pile, Antoine Peterson becomes an amazingly flexible dude to play. Is your opponent playing hide-and-seek with you? Grab Kidnappin' and target his influence-heavy Dude.

Is it just an opportune moment with most of his dudes caught up somewhere else in town? Try signing over the stores and grab the Mafia-signature-packet for free (Nice Suit with a complementary Rapier and a Pinto). Does your opponent rely on guns or spells of any kind? Mug the hell out of him before he can cast them.

Just be aware that you don't start with a great shootin' posse! Don't get overzealous when playing against other straight shooter decks. In that case, try slowly advancing your game plan (playing a few deeds, pimping out your dudes) while impeding your opponent's economy (move a Dude to that out-of-town ghost rock generating deed and play This is a Holdup! next turn. Ouch!). Use your Sunday Besties for different occasions: spontaneous income denial, a tactical retreat to town square...).

Shout-out to '@jordan caldwell'! Thank you for creating this fun and unique deck!

Jul 06, 2017 Harlath

Hello Booted Dudes,

I really enjoyed your deck review episode.

The deck's creator seemed to be (independently) thinking along the same lines as you when he took his deck to a strong 5th place in the Euros, adding a Kidnappin' as you suggested.

Might be worth considering Gomorra Lot Commission so you can trigger the home from turn 1 onwards? Hard to find room in what is a good starting posse however, and the deck has good income already thanks to its 0 upkeep start. :)