6th Place Epitaph Desolation Row

published Jul 03, 2017 | | |
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forkbanger 62

This was the deck I used for 6th place in the Huddersfield Epitaph tournament.

It lost to Full Moon Brotherhood Hex Control, a known bad matchup thanks to the Sloane dudes tendency towards 1 Influence, and the Morgan Regulators deck that won the event.

Starting dudes are varied, but always include John "Aces" Radcliffe for running the outfit job and Maria Kingsford as an opening huckster. Angélica Espinosa is some useful muscle, and Jake Smiley is standard. Against Full Moon Brotherhood you want some actual printed influence, so ditch Jake for Antheia Pansofia, or Alice Stowe or Pancho Castillo (Exp.1) if you're feeling frisky.

Get your Soul Blasts and Blood Curses to drop bullets and boop dudes in fights, use Shadow Walk to get in and immediately zap. The Shotgun is for clearing tokens or low value chumps like Philip Swinford, letting you use Soul Blast on someone meaningful instead. Point Blank is another way to boop dudes without any of this tedious hand rank nonsense, especially with Blood Curse giving you control over bullet values.

Sight Beyond Sight lets you scout hands and deal with problem cards. Blast away cheating punishment, horsies, actions or spells you don't want to deal with. The Whateley Estate lets you put them back to do it again, or grab Jokers for more use.

Jul 03, 2017 Harlath

Hooray for high value Sloane Hucksters, Soul Blasting and Point Blanking all and sundry - why take the risk of getting to comparing hand ranks?

Well done on the meta call to have a back up starting posse to give you a chance against Full Moon Brotherhood - I didn't expect to see it much as barely anyone played it in post Blood Moon Rising Tournaments. I got that totally wrong, still a brutal match-up even with an adjusted posse.

Thanks for you help testing my deck - for the record I should state that this deck beat by Euro winning deck twice out of three matches in testing and only narrowly lost the third.