Things to do in Gammora when you're dead.

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BlackJack78 16

Borderlands Epitaph Tournament Jacksonville, FL

Jul 10, 2017 Harlath

Interesting deck, as ever it is good to see a straight flush structure - it looks like you have a very strong suite of actions here.

Is it worth considering John "Aces" Radcliffe in your starting posse instead of Jimmy "The Saint"? It makes you a bit more vulnerable to Shotgun/Soul Blast (etc) but gives you a very reliable stud as you can bring in Angélica Espinosa and if your opponent makes her a draw they'll hopefully now have fewer cards than you, making "Aces" a stud. Plus it saves a point of upkeep, this can add up over the game.

Giving the strong starting ghost rock and Desolation Row's capacity to make more GR, it might be worth experimenting with a 1GR bullet catcher like Henry Moran or Willa Mae MacGowan, or perhaps adding a 3GR dude for extra influence, like Clementine Lepp?

Jul 10, 2017 BlackJack78

I did think about Aces, but the guys I play with favor shotguns so I am careful of low value shooters. Influence is where I am hurting. I lost day 2 because Jake got taken out and I didn't have the influence to stop victory. I like the suggestion of Clementine Lepp, I may have to drop a peacemaker and bring her in for a few test runs.