The Real Slim Spadey - Edinburgh Epitaph 4th Place

published Jul 17, 2017 | | |
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Sauronsbeagle1 80

Fairly standard Sloane Gang control point nonsense, with Dave "Slim" Gorman and Angélica Espinosa occasionally combining to annoy the opposition in the Town Square.

Allie Hensman does her thing, while her associates make use of The Sloane Gang home ability when they can. Hunter Protections, Epidemic Laboratory and Corporeal Twist are all there for control point overkill.

Annoyingly, other jerks in the town square have a tendency to pick on poor Allie, so that's when you send Dave "Slim" Gorman in with a shootout hex equipped, and hopefully neutralise any nasty studs. Angélica Espinosa can then join the posse. If she's busy, dead, or both, The Stakes Just Rose can create a stud from outwith your posse instead. And if all that fails, why not whip out a Bowie Knife?

The drawback to all of that is that 3's will fail pulls for Phantom Fingers, Fetch or Heartseeker when equipped by either of the starting hucksters, hence starting Antheia Pansofia over Maria Kingsford, as she gives you 4 fewer cards to fail with.

There's very little cheating punishment in there, which I think I mostly got away with during the Epitaph event (except when faced with @Neramoor's Den of Thieves featuring Rico and Cooking Up Trouble).

Jul 17, 2017 Harlath

Dave "Slim" Gorman and Angélica Espinosa is a brutal combo. Look forward to seeing further iterations of this. Might be worth experimenting with 4s once Epitaph comes out? It would give you Nightmare Realm for another strong shootout Hex (plus a way to trigger Dave "Slim" Gorman), and it is on value with other good cheatin' punishment. Steele Archer/Theo Whateley-Boyer could then be a back-up Huckster?

It would be nice to fit in a Shotgun or two as they're on value and work very well with Corporeal Twist, but I'm struggling to suggest what to take out.

Jul 18, 2017 Sauronsbeagle1

I'd actually already toyed with replacing 3s with 4s, but then I'd have been running The Stakes Just Rose off value, potentially squeezing out Point Blank, which also, unsurprisingly, turned out to be extremely useful. Also, Buford Hurley combines so well with Stakes.

The new set should boost this deck quite well though. Nightmare Realm (on or off value) is a great shootout hex for Dave "Slim" Gorman; Grimme will help him fish out those shootout hexes more efficiently; and Grim Servant o' Death is on value, adds a little bit more potential cheating punishment, and combines brilliantly with a Shotgun, which could probably replace Heartseeker once Nightmare Realm is in there.