Blessed be the Sword

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jaythejester 460

Jesters ministries is here to share the WORD of the SWORD. Blessed be the Sword, and may the Sword be with thee. The Sword provides all our needs. The Sword is good, the gun is Bad.

The concept of this deck came about when I was struggling to make the next advancement in Showboating decks. Most showboating decks don't have much ability in a shootout. They focus on low difficulty noon spells. Than it struck me, what if I also take shootout spells. But how would I survive a shootout? Blessed is all about survival. Reducing casualties, and keeping dudes from getting aced. But than I played it, and I started winning shootouts with Straight Flushes, consistently being pulled by having a deputy with a blessed sword, Holy Rolling, and tons of back up. Even if opponents have a gun, your sword will still be giving you very good bonus bullets.

Try to get a Confession early. It helps Father Tolarios use his ability, and it is this decks economy. Firstly, Tommy is very important to this deck. You have very little cheating resolution, but by having him in a shootout, a Straight Flush against a cheating 5 Of A Kind goes from losing to winning. Next, your starting 3 blessed deputies (when you deputize Perry), and so your influence goes from 4 (end of day) to 7 very quickly. Amazing Grace will also help your influence as well.

Don't play rashly or aggressively. Your building up. Your building up massive stud ratings on your dudes. Your building up Control Points as you cast your spells. Your building up casualty reduction. If you have a decent number of casualty reduction spells, and high bullet stud dudes, go preach the word of the sword. The worst that could happen is you cast all your spells, and end up with only a flush, which you just won't take any casualties from.

Showboating is only a tool in this deck. It is a win condition. It is how you push your opponent to engage, or how you win by taking over one deed and winning the ensuing shootout. It is how you press your opponent to have to respond to you. If you sit back and just cast spells endlessly, you can do that and win. If you don't like showboating, swap the card out for a spot removal option.

Sep 18, 2017 DoomDog

Would finding space for Ambrose Douglas be worthwhile? Effectively an extra influence, plus you'll almost certainly be discarding a spell so can Deputise two of your Blessed dudes for even more influence. On top of that he moves more cards from your hand when you're at the point you no longer want to attach everything.

Sep 18, 2017 jaythejester

That's a great idea. Thanks DD! I will try to figure out what I will cut to add it.

Sep 26, 2017 Antaiseito

Very interesting and inspiring! Still trying blesseds, but never tried to go so focused on one suit... hm!

An idea: What do you think of adding a Fiery Rhetoric to finish the day and/or put more pressure on your opponent, when he has a few wanted dudes?