The Devil's of Desolation Partnership

published Oct 18, 2017 | | |
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jaythejester 449

Alright, so you Card Playing Cowpokes think you know how to sling lead. You probably think playing a four of a kind is pretty darn tootin' good. Well it aint! Not 'round these here parts. This town is ran by the partners in crime, Barton and Mario, the Devils of Desolation. You better be ready for these two, because they play by a different set of rules, their own.

This deck is mean. It intends to win by getting bounty on your dudes, gain economy, and remove dudes from play by using home job ability, kidnappin's and general asserted aggression. It's pretty straight forward.

Mario Crane (Exp.1) and Barton Everest together in a shootout mean that if your cheating, your +1 Hand Rank and -2 Casualties. This hopefully means that if opponents are playing a hand rank punishing cheating resolution you won't suffer. Further mitigation is offered by increasing hand ranks by Calling The Cavalry, Side kicks, a pinto on Mario allows you to bring him back into a shootout after sending him home booted to take a casualty. Also, you have 6 dudes in deck who cost 2 gr or less, and can basically serve as a super side kick. Another great trick, if you get both Lemat Revolvers into play on the partners, is setting up your '3 pair' (hand rank 3) than using both both guns to up your hand rank by +7 (+8 if cheating).

This deck is meant to be played as a bit of mean fun, especially if you need to teach your local meta to pack more cheating resolutions. Good luck being a cheating scoundrel

Oct 20, 2017 Nobuyoki

Have you tried to play this dude combo with the Den of Thieves? It could give you a potential +2 hand rank instead of a +1, especially if you're unlucky and cannot do interesting cheatin' hands (which should be hard to do though x)). The obvious problems being having less bounty+CP generation and starting with at least one grifter.