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DoomDog 931

My deck from the Manchester Servitor Series event. Figured I should actually start Drew, since I've not had him hit play yet when I've had him in decks, and this was for my seventh vote to corrupt him. The deck performed better than expected, but didn't quite win the event. Full report to follow at some point.

Jan 17, 2018 DoomDog

I should probably actually write some more stuff, since Lapp has featured this in the official results thread...

Honestly, this deck was thrown together quickly and doesn't have much of a plan beyond make loads of money with the Disgenuine Currency Press and use it to play dudes and deeds. Force Field and Mechanical Horse were there to take advantage of the silly amounts of ghost rock this can generate, and Shotgun is there to kill Allie Hensman. That was something I completely forgot about for several turns of my first game vs Russell's Protection Racket, at which point he'd got 3CP on her and had an xp version in hand to save her from an aceing by the time I remembered. That CP won him the game by a point after time was called on a very close match!

The Shotgun and Mechanical Horse combined allowed Drew Beauman to terrorise the town and win the game for me vs Scott's Law Dogs. After a drink at Charlie's Place he was able to burn through ghost rock riding around town scaring the low value Dogs away from shootouts, disrupting their aggro game. Always think twice before giving a Pedro to "Thunder Boy" Nabbe.

I managed to sneak a timed win against Vince's Eagle Wardens cavalry deck, no doubt aided by him not finding any attack jobs. The only noteworthy play I remember making in that game was sending Prescott Utter with the Shotgun and a posse of Law Dogs to give him enough bullets to blast a booted Marcia Ridge early on, backed up by the Force Field to force a tie in the shootout as this deck isn't much of a shooter.

I'd definitely use this as a foundation to build a more capable deck from. Perhaps build up another value to 16 cards to increase its shootout potential and add another Force Field and Mechanical Horse too. A different starting posse would certainly help. Running the basic idea with the Morgan Cattle Company definitely works - it was playing on OCTGN against SereneJ who was using such a deck that inspired me to try this.