Blessed on horsebacks, Cph 4-0

published Jan 28, 2018 | | |
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Doowa 64

With the law having great success in the Copenhagen Servitor Series, here’s the deck that preached the word for the others.

Went 4-0 (2 on time) against Drunken Kung Fu, 108 DMH, EW showboating fortress and Gadgetorium mechs.

A little about card choices: I included Rite Of Profane Abstersion as a meta choice against 4R and somewhat EW, but in the one game where it might have mattered I didn’t draw it. Should prolly swap out.

I’d love to include 2x It's Not What You Know..., but dunno what to cut and not hamper the structure to much. There’s generally enough CR, but having the on hand threat would be nice.

I was surprised that I didn’t fancy playing F1 Burch when I had him in hand, but I still like him in the deck.

I loved having Righteous Fury on the table, but it never actually mattered much. It’s there to force some casualties like a soft win condition. I feel the decks biggest issues is; winning on time and versus rush decks. I’m actually surprised I won against Michael’s Showboating Spirit Fortress. A lone Steven Wiles abide me time for 1 more crucial turn. The deck doesn’t feature to much influence which is a weakness. But in the end attrition won out in the inevitable showdown.

Jan 28, 2018 Harlath

Congratulations! :)

Agree with you on Rite Of Profane Abstersion - it's a neat card and great against certain match-ups, but generally ends up being a bit too narrow.

Good to see some of the new Miracles working well here and appreciate the rundown on what else was present.

Feb 03, 2018 RNash

Out of curiosity, how did Get Behind Me, Satan! and Cavalry Escort work out for you? Those are both interesting choices which I have considered myself when playtesting Blessed, but I personally have never been fully satisfied with them.

Feb 03, 2018 Doowa

Both horses were both for attrition and a meta choice against Calling The Cavalry. Cavalry Escort also served partly as a minor Pinto which helped multiple times.

Get Behind Me, Satan! is just great. Reducing 2 casualties as a resolution is amazing. I understand why Prodigy is running 3 in his OCTGN winning deck.

Feb 05, 2018 DoomDog

Get Behind Me, Satan! is one of my favourite Miracles. On Perry or Tolarios it's great not just for tied shootouts but also lets you survive a Full House vs 4oaK/Straight Flush scenario. Multiples can also bail you out if you get hit with hand rank modifiers or your opponent boosts their own rank.

Feb 09, 2018 Weron

Do Get Behind Me, Satan! and Cavalry Escort actually work in combination? I thought it's too late to use Get Behind Me, Satan! as Cavalry Escort happens in step 5? Maybe I'm misunderstanding something :)

Feb 09, 2018 Doowa

you can't use Cavalry Escort to bring in a blessed with Get Behind Me, Satan! ready to use, because, of the event sequence as you mention.

you can use Get Behind Me, Satan! to reduce casualties and the bring in Cavalry Escort to fx soak another cass if needs be or just bring in a dude you need for the rest of the shootout.