Sloane bandits are the best bandits

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Sloane Gang Forever! (Hartlepool Abom Series 4th Place) 1 0 0

caelreth 91

Oh my goodness, it's a completely different deck to the The Sanatorium one I keep flogging! It came 3rd in the Hartlepool Tombstone event.

So, this is a fairly standard 3x16 Sloane deck, with values 3, 5 and 7. I had thrown it together as a test deck to play against my other decks, but it kept on winning, so I figured I may as well just play this deck instead of some fancy Morgan Voltron/Jia PTPT/totem chess one.

In the tournament, I won 2, lost 2. The two that I lost were both due to strong anti-cheating ( Bottom Dealin' and Quickdraw Handgun )going on in those games.

The deck definitely needs some polishing, with Sloane (Exp.1) never coming out as I never had enough money for her (economy wasn't great), same with Allie Hensman (Exp.1), and Lighting The Fuse being largely useless (perhaps I could use it to pull dudes out of position during lowball?) Also, some "get out of jail free" cards, like The Law Goes Underground, No Turning Back and Willa Mae MacGowan, so if I get nailed with harsh anti-cheatin', I have some kind of escape route. Maybe go 3x15 instead? Also, Ike (from the upcoming Too Tough To Die) will definitely help with starting influence issues.

That said, it definitely can draw well consistently, with 4 of a kind (mostly cheating) and 5 of a kind (always cheating)regularly coming out. I nearly got off a Doomsday Supply/surprise Shotgun combo off in one game, but my dude got Unprepared so it didn't come off.

(As an aside, nearly half the cards in this deck come from the base set, showing that there's a lot of strong cards from there. See Doomdog's tournament report for more about that)

May 29, 2018 Harlath

Variety is the spice of life according to the unvarying cliche, so glad this is working for you alongside your Sanatorium deck.

I think Willa Mae MacGowan as an emergency eject button in the face of strong cheatin' punishment is a great idea. No Turning Back is fine idea on your part too as it allows you to stick around to complete a job.

What's your feeling on Burn 'Em Out? I've often been tempted but had it squeezed out by other 3s.

Presumably cheatin' punishment isn't a huge issue as you just overpower your opponent with even higher hand ranks? Nice to see a different route to tackling this.

Trying to think of alternative big hitters to replace Sloane (Exp.1). Maybe Pancho Castillo (Exp.1) for his ability? He naturally moves bounty from your bullet catching grifters on to himself. Or perhaps the No Turning Back suggested in your own post in place of Sloane?

Thumbs up to the base set providing a solid base to build decks around, thanks for sharing this. Agree it makes a good "gauntlet" deck for testing.

May 29, 2018 caelreth

I think Burn 'Em Out worked rather well, as no-one wants to let it run unopposed, and being able to look at your opponent's hand is really handy to see if they have any anti-cheating in hand. That said, 3 of clubs is full of really good cards, so it's still a tough choice.

As you said, most cheating punishment I can just live with, but Bottom Dealin' and Quickdraw Handgun (and probably some others that have slipped my mind right now) are bad enough for me that I am considering using anti-anti-cheating.

I never suffered from a lack of big hitters, so I think I'll swap out Sloane (Exp.1) for something like Willa or NTB.