Abomination Super Movement

published Jul 13, 2018 | | |
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RNash 43

Control the board through tons of movement cards, Blood Curse, Sight Beyond Sight and Forget.

It can shoot fairly well, especially using Hex Slingin' and It's Not What You Know. Skinwalker can be a scary Point Blank monster as early as turn 1, provided he has another Abomination present to boot for his ability. As the game goes on, almost all of the dudes in the deck can profitably use Point Blank and the rest of the tech.

This is definitely untuned, some of the numbers could definitely shift. The miser's Soul Cage is probably a little cheeky, the fourth Blood Curse or a Ranger's Bible might be more correct. I think the starting gang could do with some more influence, but I wanted to start as many hucksters and abominations as possible. I also would want to find room for some more deeds, I think it might be a little too hearts heavy.