This Is a Flammenwerfer. It Werfs Flammen.

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stefan667 5

Morgan Stables deck that's relatively light on the horses but strong on the weapons gadgets - including the name-giving Flame-Thrower.

Jul 17, 2018 jordan caldwell

Played this tonight. You made all your pulls, but goin' for Flammen-Werf in a decks that runs 14 sevens without a Mad Scientist whose skill is > 0 is risky business!

May I suggest Arnold Stewart to alter that probability scheme, drop cards into your discard (horses for Magz) all the while fishing for one of your five Out of Town deeds?

Jul 19, 2018 stefan667

@jordan caldwell, thanks for the feedback. This makes sense. I'll drop him in instead of Vida and see how it goes.