Command & Corruption

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ironcache 189

When designing this deck, I came to the realization that I have a problem; no matter how hard I try, I am simply not capable of designing a deck that wants to win the game through standard combat. My motivating reason for making this deck was to come up with a fast-paced high-aggro deck that I could squeak some lunch time games in with Deputy Way, and still, its modus operandi is to sit at home and make gadgets.

That said, this thing feels strong. The goal is to coordinate Bounty Hunter attacks against questionably-guilty victims using an equally-questionable revenue stream (the fact that this idea slotted most naturally into law dogs is somewhat comical).

Your start is very healthy; your engineering team funds your racket to send out incredibly low-investment strike squads. Any uprising against this is met with a swift and (un)just retribution. The position of high command is very influential; it is hard to find any points of weakness here.

The deck is a blast to play. Despite wanting to sit at home initially, it leads to several shootouts throughout all stages of the game. Once it sets up, it begins to transition into a more aggressive play style (that actually puts some skin in the game... if they live that long).

The concept has versatility; the only real lock-ins for the concept are the Home, Disgenuines, and Bounty Hunters. I'm quite happy with the start. I could see potentially using 6s vs. 9s as a main draw value (and transition 9s to an off-value). There's room to tinker here.

Sep 15, 2018 Harlath

Good stuff - I like how you've laid out a core in your description that people can build modules of preferred values around. :)

Solid starting posse too - clear 2T2D makes a big difference to Law Dog Mad Science decks.

Sep 15, 2018 ironcache

Not just 2T2D, but also TCaR providing Agent P is fairly good for this deck. Having your MS presence, their defence, and 3 influence on the board for 9 rock + 0 upkeep is phenomenal. Agent P provides more than her usual "home defense" value here as she's essentially your go to home boot (because what else were you going to boot her for?).

Thunder Boy was just too much value to neglect, but, if you really wanted, an upkeep-less start can be done here. -"Thunder Boy" Nabbe +Tommy/Phil is an option if you're willing to go 4 influence, or you could also take out Jacqueline for both and be back to 5 influence.

Another option is -Jacqueline for +Janosz. You get an additional MS, and your shootout presence might actually be better (second deputy for Faster, in addition to his effect for the Devil's Six/Puncher).

That's just covering cursory thoughts on the start (which I was already pretty happy with). I think there's a lot of room for tweaking this deck to fit whatever you want in here, really; as mentioned, the core concept is fairly minimal.

Sep 15, 2018 ironcache

Also should note that, while I didn't know this at the time, DoomDog apparently beat me to the punch on this by >2 years (though again, I think a more updated card pool has really helped this).

Sep 15, 2018 Redgar

The first step in overcoming a problem is acknowledging the problem... so let us both plateau at the first step, forever locked as opposite sides of the same playstyle/deckbuilding dilemma! :)

Seeing the decklist, I am now even more... jealous isn't the right word? It runs rings around my current attempts to make Gadget Law Dogs work. I might have to hang up my "Deputy" status in shame! ;)

Can confirm: the starting posse options are solid, and the deck can perform with brutal efficiency. (Pro Tip: "Thunder Boy" Nabbe is just better than Andreas Andregg ;))

In terms of tweaking, question that come to mind are:

a) is x4 copies of Devil's Six Gun a deliberate/necessary choice, and do you find they clog your hand?

b) Disgenuine vs. Decimator. Have you found the Econ boost (and occasional card draw) worth the small risk of failed pulls?

c) 13 dudes feels low with only 1 sidekick... but you aren't charging into fights recklessly every turn, so maybe there is less pressure to draw/play more dudes in this deck?

Sep 15, 2018 ironcache

I'll be able to talk to most of the comments (by example) over lunch next week. :)

I will say though that if you're thinking of axing Disgenuine, we're talking about an archetype that wants to play the game completely differently (more in your slice of the pie than mine). I didn't get it across too well in our lunch-time match, but this deck really wants to be low-commitment early on (it's why the dude count is low; the goal is to not put your dudes at risk until more expendable forces have either eaten the brunt of the offensive, or otherwise weakened them).

Given that, having a revenue stream based on deeds is fickle, as they require defending; you're putting skin in the game too early. Gaining 3 GR per print run is a completely non-interactive source of funds. It is worth its weight in... paper money.

All this said, my latest rendition does have Decimator. It just provides too much; sidekick, great interaction with Force Field, influence... even the value bump makes Janosz less of a risky offensive choice. Given that I'm already on 4x Faster, the conversion to 6s as a main value makes sense (dropping several 7s/9s in their place).

Sep 15, 2018 ironcache

As an addendum to the above, deed pressure is also good for forcing them out of position (or otherwise reliable income). Especially true for out-of-town deeds like Blake Ranch. I'd ideally like >10 deeds. Despite flexibility, deck space is pretty tight.

Oct 10, 2018 uf97ddim

Tried this out last night in a friendly game and had a blast! I drew two Disgenuine Currency Press cards right out of the gate so was rolling in the ghost rock. "Thunder Boy" Nabbe is crazy powerful. Had him at 5-6 stud in every shootout thanks to Faster on the Draw. I only managed to draw the out of town deeds so had to get aggressive and take my opponent's control points.

I would probably keep the 9's (Ricochet is amazing!) and maybe swap out a couple of the 7's for another deed or two. Thanks for sharing!