Morgan Cavalry Decimators: 2nd York 2018

published Oct 04, 2018 | | |
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Harlath 751

This is a horrible deck that combines Decimator Array and Calling The Cavalry. It is pretty robust thanks to Yagn's Mechanical Skeleton for more influence and being able to make more money with Irving Patterson joining shootouts. This is what I was planning to play at GenCon 2018, but for an ill-fated switch last minute to an attempt at a Sloane answer to this kind of deck. Pleased to see cards like Shan Fan Showdown! and Virginia Ann Earp in recent sets to help combat Calling The Cavalry. Campbell & Hatch Billiard Parlor works well against Sidekicks too, so it is also welcome! :)

Beyond that, standard unimaginative stuff throwing lots of strong cards in to the same deck. Took 2nd place at York's Tombstone event after Steph had cannily held back a deed and I over committed to a job. To be honest I'd got lucky in an early shootout already after being forced down to six cards and some draw so it was a well earned victory and a great day of Doomtown matches. :)