Blockade with TTTD

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Card draw simulator
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OP #6 Berkeley 3rd Place - Toolbox Blockade 0 1 0
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Blockade work in progress. Comments are welcome.

Oct 04, 2018 Harlath

I like it! I might be tempted to increase the Epidemic Laboratory copies and just use the home to ace the spares?

Two starting upkeep is a little rough (means you can't buy Blake Ranch if you lose lowball), but does buy you two starting studs. Hmmm. Matilda Loomis might be worth considering in the starting posse as she has the 1 skill needed to reliably cast Turtle's Guard?

Beyond that, looks solid with a fine mix of cards. Is it also worth mixing and matching your cheatin' punishment to marginally loosen your draw structure for lowball and keep your opponent guessing? Could go 1x Coachwhip!, 1x I'm Your Huckleberry and 1x Ricochet to avoid the odd time two Coachwhip! show up together in lowball.

I might be tempted to tighten up the draw structure a bit too, particularly if I was dropping one of my starting studs. Good luck! :)