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Honey Dagger (Multiplayer) 1 0 2

jordan caldwell 368

This deck is a standard "dudes and deeds" deck that does Establishin' Who's in Charge to consolidate it's zone of control.

The basic strategy is to develop it's own street, then to go hunting with Legendary Holster on horseback (Mustang or La Quema).

Engaging in conflict with this deck may result in a forfeiture of your opponent's capital. Your home and slogan, "Property Is Theft", turns their unruly poker draw into your reward: hit them with Sun in Yer Eyes or have Yunxu Jiang use Rabbit's Deception to remove their stud dude, and watch them cheat and pay for it. Rub it in further with a Bottom Dealin' planned to contain a devastating Heretic Joker (Red) (yes, you choose it's value), though this requires meticulous card-tracking and a pinch of luck.

Ying-Ssi Chieh T'ang is an excellent front shooter because her numbers are solid, and her "back door" ace-in-the-hole can potentially get you out of cheatin' yerself (or into the coveted "Legal Four"). Not to mention it triggers your home ability to draw cards.

Another foil is to use Nunchucks to deflect magical attacks by lowering the pull your opponent makes; you can also use this trick to improve the deadliness of your Holster. Or wage economic warfare on their street by raising the production of their leftmost deed with The Place only to camp and steal it back with Joe Vermilion (also triggering your home ability).

As a "dudes and deeds" deck, the endgame is flexible: Either raise the control points of your own deeds and draw conflict to you, or go deliberately out and make some trouble for opponent. Dealer's choice.