Honey Dagger (Multiplayer)

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jordan caldwell 369

Fought and won the 4-player Berkeley Second-Saturday Multiplayer Roundup (using "Victory Point" + "Sequential Plays" + "Mind Yer Own Business" table rules) with this deck that, while functioning mostly normally, is specifically built to take down more than one foe.

The deck is named for it's title character, Xui Yin Chen, whose strengths (ability, influence, "skill") are highlighted and weaknesses (boot cost, upkeep) mitigated by it's build. Between starting Benjamin Washington and stacking low values (A, 3, 4) bolstered by Heretic Jokers, Xui and the gang have an easy stake in winning lowball cash (doubled or trebled with more money in the pot) without sacrificing (too much) shootout potential all to satisfy her high maintenance needs without inhibiting the playing of deeds. For those times when you have to retreat, Sunday Best let's you reclaim the production of adjacent locations the next morning, and as I like to think of Xui as a master choreographer, also facilitates her whipping her entire company into synchronized combat upon a new "stage" for a whirlwind tour through Tombstone. Stringing a pair of Focusing Chi together is a cute trick that also helps with needed mobility.

Any Property Is Theft deck had best come ready to remove stud ratings to benefit from the home's trait, as well as start and run ability triggering dudes to build upon the card advantage Randall provides, and this deck throws in a few Baijiu Jar too, keeping the cards you need cycling to and through your play hand.

The Nunchucks in here serve five purposes: One to raise your bullets enough to get better use out of Swinford Finds Trouble (used not only from the townsquare to keep your opponents from sneaking into your deeds but also to remove low-bullet studs or 0-influence dudes), two to ensure your cleanup hitter makes an impact, three to hopefully prevent any spellcasters from succeeding at key skill checks during a fight, four to help you make that Legendary Holster pull on a dude with fewer than three bullets, and five to pair with a strong horse.

For those of you wondering why "no Shotgun!?" or "no Coachwhip!!?" those are the best reasons I can give: a bunch of odd choices that somehow try to work together.


Apr 15, 2019 DoomDog

Was Swinford Finds Trouble useful for you? It's a card I often overlook but I can see it having value in town square camping decks. It seems a little out of place here with the generally low bullets on your dudes. Would Forster Cooke or Yunxu Jiang have helped?

Apr 15, 2019 jordan caldwell

Excellent suggestion. I will strongly consider adding Forster Cooke (it is meant to be a town square camper), even as the multiplayer game I played it in got diverted sharply from that plan opposing Oddities of Nature.

That said, I wanted use it while collaborating to allow my comrades to boot their dudes too (is this legal?), but they all ended up (understandably) ganging up on me, and it didn't prove that useful because of that.

The reason Coachwhip! isn't slotted is because the deck cycles easily into it's Bottom Dealin' which really kills with Heretic Joker (which I did manage once or twice); perhaps War Paint could be been useful here too?

I realize that building around Xui Yin Chen is tough, but how else are you going to play atop her handsome playmat?