Des Row Blitz/Swarm - 2018 PAX Unplugged Winner

published Dec 03, 2018 | | |
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aztecjoker 29

This is essentially Lapp's 2016 Gencon deck. Went with Des Row instead of Den of Thieves because of the errata to Rico, and therefore had to switch out pretty much all of the grifters for other dudes. Same basic concept though. Drop a lot of cheap dudes and be aggressive. Some of my choices were:

  • Only 2 Coachwhip!: Most people do their best not to cheat, and sometimes they can clog my hand. Decided to try Shiny Things, but I wasn't too impressed with it. I'll probably give Cookin' Up Trouble a shot.

  • Clementine Lepp and only 1 saloon: I got a copy of the promo "Clementine LApp", so it had to go in the deck. Plus, it goes well with Christine Lapp's alt art Jokers.

  • Antoine Peterson: Cheap stud with influence, and can put a Kidnappin' into my hand. Also unboots one of my other dudes and gets them closer to becoming a control point. Dude is perfect.

  • Rancher's Lariat and Monte Bank: Couldn't decide which one to run 2 of, so went with 1 of each. The Bank wasn't too useful, so will probably become a 2nd Lariat, which ended up being clutch vs Legendary Holster.

  • No "Too Tough to Die" because I didn't get a chance to pick up the set before the tournament. Now that I have it, I'll definitely be updating the deck.

Thanks to everyone who made the trip! And thanks to David Lapp for the deck inspiration and for running the event! Can't wait to do it again next year!

Dec 03, 2018 DoomDog

War Paint could be a good alternative to Shiny Things - helps boost a dude's bullets before they run the Des Row job for more Ghost Rock, or just generally make a stud dude bigger for bullying purposes.

Heist from Too Tough To Die provides another way to put bounty on your dudes and get ghost rock if town square isn't looking too welcome for the Des Row job.

Dec 05, 2018 LordManHammer

Or you could include Old Man McDroste to help with Shiny Things :D

Dec 05, 2018 LordManHammer

Or you could include Old Man McDroste to help with Shiny Things :D

Dec 06, 2018 Harlath

Congratulations on doing well, glad you had fun. Think you had it tougher with this deck given Rico Rodegain's errata down to 0 influence, good to see sound principles can work even out of a different home.

Entertained by key factors in adding in Clementine Lepp/Lapp and the complementary jokers. Trust this helped with jokers during the event.

Look forward to the changes you're planning with Too Tough to Die. Frank Stillwell can work well with this home to bait opponents in to defending your job.

Good to see Rancher's Lariat coming through for you, definitely worth more people playing (hits "Thunder Boy" Nabbe hard too).