Hex Shooter - Upland Abomination Winner

published Dec 16, 2018 | | |
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RNash 43

First place out of 4 at the Gameology Abomination Series event in Upland, California.

Fairly standard hex shooter list. Not a whole lot of notes here, I came prepared for low-value decks and attachment based shooter decks. That's what people were playing, so it did really well. Papa Marias is fantastic, starting four hucksters felt really good, but I did fail a couple of pulls throughout the day by pulling my off value Soul Blast and Forget. Never got a chance to put Kevin Wainwright (Exp.1) or Tonton Macoute into play, but I think they are worth keeping in a tighter structured deck like this one.

Game 1 against Martin (Justice In Exile Blessed) - He didn't see many of his set-up cards or ways to initiate fights until late in the game, when I already had a board presence established. Early deeds from both of us made board control a frenzy, but Shadow Walk and Papa Marias gave me an edge in the chess game. 1-0

Game 2 against Carter (Morgan Regulators Mad Science) - A classic Carter list full of under-loved cards, he was using Telepathy Helmet to check for shootout punishment before sending in cheap dudes to initiate fights after being made studs with the outfit ability, usually wearing a Holy Wheel Gun. We danced around a lot, but at the end of the game Blood Curse and Soul Blast put too much of a damper on his strategy. 2-0

Game 3 against Jimmy (Abram's Crusaders Dual-Skill) - Jimmy had a theme deck that was very cool but a little unfocused. Combining Erik Samson with gadget weapons and some shootout Miracles to make him a real beast. However he did not start enough influence, and my quick board development left Jimmy without a lot of options. After a few bloody shootouts, the town belonged to the Fearmongers. 3-0