Disgenuine Suicide Squad

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Sui-Slide Slum Lords 4 5 6

jaythejester 455

Jesters Industries unlimited reality here. We can’t think of anything cute or clever this week, so instead, let’s just jump right into it with this deck. Ooo boy!

Here’s the plan. Your going to pray desperately that some Disgenuine Currency Presses show up, or that you get Doomsday Supply and a matching press finds its way into the discard pile. With 8 cards drawing another card immediately, chances are very good. Also you plan on suicidally charging Taiyari and Willa Mae MacGowan at the first dude to move on your deeds. You do this to use Taiyari’s ability to use your home ability. If you lose the shootout badly, and you likely will, use Willa to save Taiyari. This is a good chance to dump any Currency Presses so you can draw a new card.

Second Turn should be similar to the first, but with even more cards in hand. With a first turn of 7 cards, and a second turn of 8 cards, your hoping to have played a very large number of deeds, and then perhaps a back up mad scientist (they have a proclivity to get kidnapped).

A couple Steven Wiles are in deck as very cheap 3 Influence for a single turn, and he can discard with Currency Presses during upkeep. Rumors can at worst help you keep from losing by retaking a deed for the turn, they can also close a game if an opponent loses to much control of the town in one turn.

If you had abysmal luck with your starting hand and didn’t draw any economy boosting cards, you can opt to wait a turn on running your suicide dudes, and just play what you can turn one. This makes the turn hand sizes 5-8-8 instead, and may work better in particular matches.

*EDIT: I made a mistake with this decks starting posse. Agent P. is not in the starting posse. I included this dude in deck since it is the cheapest dude with influence.

Apr 05, 2019 jordan caldwell

Capitalizing on Pistol Paranoia what about Going Underground with Taiyari to advance card-draw and pull the foolhardy out of position?

(This might only work in theory but given the nature of the deck I thought the feedback appropriate)

Apr 05, 2019 jaythejester

Thank you for your comment. I have wrestled with this deck with many different iterations.

The Law Goes Underground was in this and many other builds of this deck. A very solid option to allow you extra turns of high card draw. A copy or two of The Winning Agenda has also been in and out frequently in the builds to help find the best cards each turn.

As to why I chose P.Whip over Law Underground. Law Goes Underground is a game extender, where P.Whip is a game closer. Whip can potentially open up a deeds control point and production, and forces opponents to move. Because of the speed this deck puts cards into play, I found it usually better to have more resources on closing the game, than on extending it. That is why this version dropped its attire and TLGU.

Apr 05, 2019 LPF

Interesting idea however i don't think you can start 6 dudes. Or at least not those 6 dudes.

Apr 05, 2019 LPF

Interesting idea however i don't think you can start 6 dudes. Or at least not those 6 dudes.

Apr 06, 2019 jaythejester

Thank You LPF. I made a mistake. Agent Provocateur should not be in your starting posse. I included Agent P in deck as since it’s the cheapest dude with 1 Influence.