Straight Flush Gadget Hand rank manipulation- euro 3-1 fifth

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Neramoor 211

The aim of the deck is to get two of three decimator arrays out and then combine with lemats and coming up roses to get legal four of kinds and straight flushes.

If you reveal three -pairs You can raise your hand by 5 using a lemat on Kramer and then change the value of the single card to match one of the others giving you rank 11 (+1).

Placed fifth (3-1) at the Edinburgh Jonahs alliance event due to a timed win in the first round. Loss was to the third place FMB deck which pressed very hard early on before the deck could get set up.

Having played a few more games I would swap a second tech expo for disarm and go down to one force field and three pedros.

Jul 01, 2019 Harlath

Well done on finishing 3-1 and condolences that a timed win kept you out of the Top 4. A cruel fate! At least you generously stopped it from being three of the top four being local players, which would have marked us out as deeply inhospitable hosts...

Could Hunter Protections help in the future to win ahead of time? Or an off value Curse of Failure for aggro, Kidnappin' on value or maybe an off value Epidemic Laboratory? That said, Technological Exhibition can often stack up CP and your home helms here too, so I suspect part of the issue was just the sea of dudes Andrew hired in your first game.

Pleased to see someone with your record playing this type of deck can make it work with Smith & Robards Trade Show rather than people feeling wedded to Morgan Regulators.

Jul 01, 2019 Prodigy

Love this deck! (should be no surprise, you and I share a love of Decimator)

Questions: "If you reveal 3 pairs" seems like a difficult task with only 2 main values in the deck. Is it a case of 'if I draw only 6's and 7's, then I'm fine because I have a high hand rank, and if I don't then I can use the rest (via decimator if need be) to either get a high rank, or do LeMats shenanigans'? I'm just curious how often you were able to do LeMats shenanigans, and what the typical draw hand looked like. You have 2 great starting studs, so that's a big help for sure.

I've been playing around with a similar deck and I've also found I'm having trouble vs slide/non-interactive decks, as well as having enough cheatin' resolutions vs people who realize they can cheat and usually get away with it.

Jul 01, 2019 jordan caldwell

What is the argument against using Jasper Stone in this deck?


Jul 02, 2019 Neramoor

there is a mistake in the list I went for 3x lemat and 1xhydro puncher.

@Harlath The structure is really fragile so off values are difficult to fit in. You need to go heavy on two values to get the le mat tricks to work reliably That said I agree I could include hunters and kidnapping by moving some things around. If I could fit in two off value deeds it would almost certainly be miasmic purifiers

@Prodigy the hands were typically two 6s and two 7's (at least one of which must not be a heart.) and one another heart with the same card on top of my discard pile. I could have made it work 4 or 5 times but only needed it twice.

I haven't really struggled against slide because it generates a huge amount of influence and money if left alone, You just have to be care ful and assume that your opponent always has at least one takin ya with me.

@Jordan Caldwell the money and you really don't need the bullets. Also with pedros and decimator arrays you want to go into multiple rounds so stone is really bad. I could up the weapons, three Devils six Gnus and a second electrostatic pump gnu and go for helstromme for more control point goodness.

Jul 02, 2019 Harlath

Good point on fragility of structure - min ultimately caught up with me in the final, albeit I knew I was taking a big risk and it didn't pay off...