Vigilante Justice

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Knicknevin 8

Stay still while I beat you your rights!

This deck combines straight flushes and an aggressive play style, which are two things I like. It also plays the combo of Jasper Stone and Justice In Exile, which make sure the opponent cannot weasel out of giving me my control point by discarding as a casualty. I like aggressive decks, because the chess is easier if the game is shorter and the board is smaller... and I'm just not that clever. Generally speaking, I almost never go to time, one way or another.

Paying for Stone means that the starting posse has to make some sacrifices. The big thing you'll notice is a lack of studs. Now, between "Thunder Boy" Nabbe and 4 Faster on the Draw, this usually isn't that big of a problem. If I see Morgan Regulators, or anything else that sniffs of Calling The Cavalry (which did not happen in Tombstone), I swap Hattie DeLorre out of the starting lineup for Virginia Ann Earp.

The plan is to make people wanted between Andrew Burton, The Evidence, and the Outfit trait, and then hunt them down with Ol' Fashioned Hangin', Bounty Hunter, and Curse of Failure. If the game goes long, you might get Judge Harry Somerset (Exp.1) out to keep the pressure on, but if that happens you have likely lost already. Use Stone and your outfit to build up control points and ghost rock, all the while whittling away at their influence.

This iteration of the deck went 16 tens and 14 eights to support my early aggression with a straight flush backbone full of solid action cards. This trade cut the deeds down a bit, which is not a big deal if you get to shoot wanted dudes, but if everyone is behaving it can get tricky. It is also just about as good as I can make it without giving up on the Outfit, the Servitor, or the straight flushes. After going over the deck with some of the much more talented folks at the Tombstone event, it appears I need to lose this deck's soul to make it work better.

As for Tombstone, it was a blast. I was hoping to win at least one game and have some entertaining losses, but I outdid that by going 3-2. I missed the cut on tiebreakers and ended 11th, which is a great result for me. I also had everything go perfectly for me in my 5th game which resulted in a Day 1 victory, so even if i retire the deck, I'll always have that. Thanks to Pinebox and especially Dave Lapp for organizing the whole thing, and thanks to the great people who were a blast to play in victory and defeat.

Feb 18, 2020 karoob

As I'm thinking about building something similar, what 'lost soul' you are taking about? Any particular changes you had in mind?