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Bojangles 2

Okay, so here's the current version 4 of my deck.

Previously https://dtdb.co/en/decklist/3115/mech-abomination-horde-v3

When the game opens, I'll use Ol' Howard to bring out Clanton Ranch, which Richard Slavin can start digging at as soon as I get mystical goods into the discard pile. I have intentionally cut back on the actions, to give me a greater chance of drawing red cards for his pulls. With Ol' Howard popping off to become a condition, I will only have three dudes in my starting posse, so I'll likely also start with Ambrose Douglas in my starting posse, although that will leave me with only one starting ghost rock. Once I take out my starting cards, I should only have 6 cards with a value below 8, so most of my invention pulls should be pretty safe.

It's meant to be a scientific dig that uncovers bad stuff, and I want the abominations to be fairly relentless. Towards this end, I have a number of cards that allow me to return cards from my discard pile or boot hill, as well as cards that allow me to summon dudes mid-shootout. A number of my items have cheatin' abilities, so I didn't want to get any more cheatin' actions. My bandit huckster deck has a lot of tricky cheatin' or resolution abilities, so I wanted this deck to be a little lighter on that. I admit, I will find it difficult to build my Force Fields and Rich Man's Guard Dog, due to having really only 2 mad scientists in my deck, so maybe I will also end up removing them and changing A Slight Modification at some point too. It would be nice to have that sort of protection though, if I can get the Field out. Election Day Slaughter may also be replaced with another K value action, such as a second Nightmare at Noon.

Anyway, the work in progress continues! :D

Thanks for everyone who has offered feedback so far. :)

Dec 09, 2019 jordan caldwell

What about starting Absalom Hotchkiss?

This would allow Richard Slavin to start searching on the first turn (by triggering off of Ol' Howard).


Also your Influence is dangerously low (even if you take my above suggestion and start with 3).

You could consider Dabney Scuttlesby instead of Valeria Batten (and yes, probably remove non-mystical gadgets) - perhaps run Bayou Vermilion Railroad to make extra cash to cover his upkeep, or, switch into The Sanatorium for the extra influence chip the home provides?


Dec 09, 2019 Bojangles

@jordan caldwell Hmmm... I had been interested in Absalom Hotchkiss for his ability to move dudes, or Quincy Washburne for his ability to gain influence off my dudes, that I just then bring back. I wish that they were abominations too, though!

There are very few mystical goods that seem to interest me, or that I think will fit in well with this deck, but I definitely agree that mystical goods are better for this deck than gadgets. I just need to find more uses for them that fits in with my deck. Looking at Doyle's Hoyle, though, I kinda wish I had 10s as one of my main cards, instead of 8s. I could use more Hoyle's, and then convert them into draw hands when needed. Although, that would require me having a few 2s to really benefit, which would make pulls difficult.

I definitely see your point about influence, and agree that mine is a little low. In fact, even with an established game, my deck seems to have very low influence, which is a concern for me. That being said, we're usually fairly relaxed with that in our games. Since we usually have 3 players, there's usually one person stopping a player from winning too early. Plus, if the game has gone for less than about an hour - 90 minutes, we'll usually continue playing even if one person has enough control. So, low influence at the start isn't really an issue. That being said, I think Dabney Scuttlesby would be invaluable for supplying a posse quickly just before a shootout, and Bayou Vermilion Railroad would make it quite easy for me to capture deeds.

Hmmm... so much to think about! There's so much I want in this deck, but once one thing shifts, it tends to have a ripple effect... ;)

Dec 09, 2019 Bojangles

@jordan caldwell Oh, and I forgot to say thank you for your feedback! :)

Dec 09, 2019 Doowa

I would add Jake Smiley to starting posse instead of Junior and probably cut a few goods for an additional EDS and N@N. Then get to play a few games, cause, that’s where you get to feel what you wanna change!

Dec 09, 2019 Bojangles

@Doowa I'm curious as to why you think Jake Smiley? Because of the bonus to influence? Junior is included in my deck for his ability to bring back mystical goods. :)

Dec 09, 2019 jordan caldwell

Bojangles, the Jake Smiley comment - as well as my comments earlier - stems from a general consensus or "best practice" that a Starting Posse should typically run 4-5 Influence to prevent the game from being "stolen" before a deck has an opportunity to set up.

And as Jake Smiley's influence counts during Sundown, it counts for the purposes of this best practice.

If that makes sense?

Dec 09, 2019 Bojangles

@jordan caldwell Ah, gotcha! That makes sense! :) I'm actually thinking of switching to Bayou Vermilion Railroad, so I can race in to another player's deed and shut off its control for a day if I need to. :)

Just out of curiosity, is there a general consensus as to how much influence you should typically have several days in? Looking at my dudes, most of them don't have a lot of influence. In fact, most Fourth Ring seem kinda lacking in influence. In a game I played last week, one of my friends got to 13 influence by about day 3 or 4, which seemed very high to us.

Dec 10, 2019 Bojangles

Thanks a lot to everyone who has offered feedback so far! I'm sure you're all sick of my deck changing so regularly, so this next link is the final one for a while! Until after I've played a number of games with it. Any feedback, as always, is always welcome. :)