Mystic Horde

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Bojangles 12

Hey folks,

Here is my current fearmongers deck. Primarily, I play in three-way games. I wanted to construct a deck that had a massed monstrous horde feel, with a number of mystical goods. So, a lot of cards have a recursion aspect either for dudes or goods.

For those who remember, I used to have Richard Slavin, who would dig in my out of town deeds, but he seems to not be worth it at the moment. I always suspected I'd have a higher bullet amount than the opponent, hence adding Raven, but I'm also undecided if he's really of much benefit to this deck.

The last time I played, one of my opponents killed Mason Adler in day 1 before he managed to do anything (playing several shootout abilities that turned him into a 0 draw). The next turn I bought out Tyxarglenak (Exp.1), who was killed by the other opponent with the California Tax Office. My main issue was just never getting enough income, primarily due to having few deeds in my hand. Fortunately for me, my Bayou Vermilion Railroad ability enabled me to keep delaying any of the other players winning, until eventually I got a bunch of deeds in my hand and won by playing them all in one turn. But yeah, overall I think money may be an issue.

What are people's thoughts? Opinions?

Dec 28, 2019 Harlath

I'd consider some sidekicks for Mason Adler as they make a huge difference to his staying power. Dudes can't come with Adler on his job, but sidekicks can!

Are you committed to these particular values or could we mix in some other ones? We're not really using them for pulls here bar inventing Magnum Opus Tenebri. A few way of giving Mason Adler stud and/or boosting his bullet will help manage the problem of him being turned in to a 0-draw. For example, Murdered in Tombstone and Claws might appeal if we start looking at other values.

Raven might be trying to do too much alongside making Adler work, so we could save the ghost rock here and bump up our starting influence for Jake Smiley or perhaps save it to spend on Goods to attach to Adler, particularly if we add some sidekicks in to the deck.

Dec 28, 2019 Bojangles

@Harlath Thanks for your feedback! Sidekicks would definitely come in useful. Originally I had a few The Blighted in the deck too. I don't want to build the deck around Mason Adler, though, as he can't come back with a lot of my recursion cards - they're aimed mostly at abominations or mystical cards. I'm a little confused as to how Mason Adler can get the Claws though, since he's never an abomination during the noon phase. I guess cards that enable you to equip as a shootout play could work, but that'd be a fair few cards just to give him an extra 2 stud.

Oh, when he died in that last game he didn't even do his job! My opponent just decided to gank him in the town square! :D

Dec 28, 2019 Harlath

I'm incorrectly remembering a different playtest version of claw.... Nothing to see here, move along...

Dec 28, 2019 Bojangles

@Harlath Hahaha! All good :)

Dec 29, 2019 Findegil

Father Diamond seems extremely random, while He Fang is strongly on-theme but not reeeally worth when you pay 2 Upkeep for a -2 discount.

I'd definitely swap Raven for Ambrose Douglas who offers card cycling, influence and income (by resetting your home).

Dec 29, 2019 Bojangles

@Findegil Father Diamond was a way to try to maximise the outfit ability, and He Fang was a way to get dudes to where they’re needed quickly. However, neither have really felt like they belong, and neither have I ever actually used either. So, they may be worth going. Good call on Ambrose :)

Dec 30, 2019 Findegil

De Annulos Mysteriis would suit Mason neatly (both thematically and mechanically), letting him run a Rec Drive or EDS as a 6 Stud (and giving you something for The Whateley Estate to recycle).

But generally, I think starting Mason (while very cool) requires a pretty heavy investment in working around his limitations - since he's on-value anyway, it may be better to leave him in the deck and diversify your starting lineup a bit with the likes of Skinwalker or Lorena Corbett.

Dec 30, 2019 Bojangles

@Findegil Yes, that would be useful, allowing me to more easily bring dudes and deeds back. A shame it’s not mystical though - it’d be even more useful then! But definitely worth trying out.

I know what you mean about Mason. He tends to have a big target sign on him with his 5 bullets. And so far, his cost hasn’t yet been worth it in the games I’ve played. Maybe I’m not playing him properly. In my very first game with him, I foolishly got him to challenge a dude on the first day, when the mark was still at home. Suffice to say, with 3 opposing dudes, Mason didn’t last long!