Hells Office

published Mar 06, 2020 | | |
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Prodigy 709

Deck I played at GenghisCon, in Fridays first Savage Lands series event. Had a fun time playing with a whole bunch of my favorite new Hells Comin With Me cards, which was mostly the purpose of the deck.

Ancestor's Reproach and Secret Paths were the 2 big cards I built around, and both were very strong and equally fun. My first game opened with my opponent using his Irving Patterson to cheaply build an out of town deed with Morgan Cattle Co.. A couple of spells on my dudes, including Secret Paths, and the whole starting gang came over to murder a poor, lone Irving. They all booted back home, ready to start the next day!

That was the only game I ended up losing of the 3, but it was a fun start to the first day of the first game. Also, perhaps not coincidentally, this was the only game I didn't get a way to plop a Ancestor Spirit on the board.

Ancestor's Reproach is an interesting alternative to Spirit Dance. You only get a 0 stud for the shootout as opposed to a 2 stud, which may be a big deal, but the list of pro's is impressive: 1 less GR cost, easier to cast (and 2 different ways to cast, either shootout or cheatin res), 1 influence in the shootout which is more and more relevant as influence-related shootout cards keep coming out, and you get to keep the token around if it survives the shootout! It's a card that makes this half-movement half-shootout deck really thrive.

Spread em out, and use the Ancestor spirit tokens to help either control the town or add stud/soak casualties, and make the shootouts happen on your terms.

Mar 07, 2020 Findegil

How did the "ace a card" requirement of Ancestor's Reproach work out for you - annoying cost, or cycling/purging benefit?

Also, Hupirika Sue seems like an extremely natural (value and ability) inclusion?

Mar 08, 2020 Doowa

A wide spread of spells and action. Surely there must be some MVPs in there that you’d prefer to draw compared to others? Pls tell!

Mar 09, 2020 Prodigy

The "ace a card" from Ancestors Reproach was, more often than not, an annoying cost - but was usually a price worth paying. I didn't get to use it more than a couple of times, though.

As far as MVPs, like I said above I really built this deck around Ancestor's Reproach and Secret Paths, and those were definitely 2 MVPs. I think of all the cards in the deck, Secret Paths was the most fun, and felt strong but not overpowered.