Flying Force Zombies

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danderdag 1

Mar 22, 2020 Prodigy

I like the look of this. Have you played it yet, and do you have any thoughts on the other Entrepreneurs homes instead of the original?

Mar 22, 2020 jordan caldwell

What is your plan if your opponent decides not to engage?

Consider "forced conflict" action cards such as Kidnappin', Curse of Failure, or Election Day Slaughter or "clock" deed cards such as Epitaph Branch Office, Hunter Protections, or Epidemic Laboratory; or in a class of it's own, the "forced conflict clock" deed Cochise County Courthouse.

Otherwise, I agree broadly with @Prodigy in that it might be worth looking at Morgan Gadgetorium, Morgan Stables, Morgan Regulators, or Smith & Robards Trade Show.


Mar 22, 2020 danderdag

I made this deck in 2016 and won a local tournament back then with about 8 players. I recently dusted off the cards and wanted to share this deck list with a friend to see if he would be interested in playing a few games, hence why I published the deck.

I haven't played or looked at the new cards since then, so I'm sure the deck could be improved.

The basic idea of the deck is you want a "Dead" Billy Jones with a Personal Ornithopter with a Force Field in play and a bunch of money. Once you have that you can start spreading your guys to control your opponent deeds with control point forcing them to fight you.

Once you get to the shootout you should be able to get full house consistently without cheating. Then you Force Field to match their hand rank so we both have to loose a guy for tying, but "Dead" Billy Jones is harrowed so he goes home booted and with the Personal Ornithopter he joins back the posse between each round grinding your opponent posse to death slowly.

If they cheat it goes even faster as you can use the Force Field to match their hand rank and then lower theirs by 4 with It's Not What You Know...

I haven't heard back from my friend, so I don't think I'll be getting back into the game at this time, but have fun improving this design.