Sapé comme jamais!

published Apr 05, 2020 | | |
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yoritomobobo 33

Apr 21, 2020 Findegil

With all those Teethkickers but not very many effects that actively trigger them, perhaps the PR home gives you the economy to include Wendy herself as an on-value replacement for the rather meh Byron Decker?

Apr 21, 2020 Findegil

And Funtime Freddy seems a bit pricy when you're only using him as a no-text 1 Stud - how about Ramiro Mendoza, Joe Vermilion or Ke Wang instead?

Apr 21, 2020 yoritomobobo

This is a deck idea i bascially scraped to make my Attire weirdness build, wasn't satisfied by the gameplan of this one. :) In the end i moved more and more this build toward influence gameplay with my favorite, it's who you know, who allowed to call while booted, and so eventually unboot with teethkickers.

Basically the problem i'm having with Spence (and more generally with Sloane decks), is that i don't see what they have to offer as a viable gameplan in the current environment. They don't do Slide that well due to lack of influence, they can't make super units like gadget, they don't have strong attrition option like Abomination (or even eagle wardens with Kung fu/sidekicks) ... i'm struggling. :)