Clementine in Haunted Smile with Hexes

published May 23, 2020 | | |
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karoob 16

May 25, 2020 ironcache

Clem is great for Protection Racket. I generally find running 2 upkeep is rough, but given you have a guaranteed Casino for Clem with `Ol' Howard, you can probably make it work. You chose two pretty strong contenders given your theme; Barton Everest is a great influential shooter, and Dave "Slim" Gorman is good for chessing around and taking deeds (with the ability to put a little threat behind him on keeping them).

I'd really consider Frank Stillwell. He's one of PR's best cards. If you think about what Dave "Slim" Gorman, Frank kind of achieves the same thing, without needing to find a Shadow Walk to chess; he can just boot move onto a deed, and if they call him out, he goes running back home, tail between legs. Regardless, he probably stuck there long enough for you to get a protection buck out of him.

Love Protection Racket hucksters. Keep fighting the good (bad?) fight.