Earpin' Aint Easy

published Jul 30, 2021 | | |
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RogueDakotan 24

Just wanted to make a Tombstone themed deck with Wyatt.

Aug 15, 2021 Redgar

Thanks for postin' the deck! Always nice to see folks encouraged to pursue thematic decks... inspiration fer those of us who are hung up on squeezin' 5 copies of Unprepared into every deck! :)

No Judge Wells Spicer, though? :)

Really like the starting posse here. Doesn't leave you with a lot of starting dough, but it looks like you've rounded out a solid starting posse and have been quite thematic to the story of the Earps with Virgil, Virginia, an Agent Provocateur!

While you've also included the best darn Marshal to ever host a live play podcast episode in the saloons of Tombstone, I wonder if including the Man, the Myth, the Legend THUNDAAAAAH BOY! to save you +1 GR (to help you play out deeds or start with a copy of my main man Henry Moran)) might be something worth considerin'?

I also wonder if there might be room to tighten up around a key value or two, perhaps ditching some of the duplicate values of dudes in play and cutting down a fair bit on clubs?