This Town Haint Big Enough For The Both Of Us

published Feb 22, 2022 | | |
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Sauronsbeagle1 75

Normally I'd stick with what I know and play an Outlaw deck, but with Deadwood Miner's Alliance sounding justifiably well represented already by the time I was putting a deck together for the Doomtown Online Marshall Event, I figured I'd give the Anarchists a shot instead.

In my games on Doomtown Online before the tournament I'd seen the odd nasty deck starting Judge Harry or running Bounty Hunters, so I decided that bounty punishment and removal might as well be a bit of a theme for my deck. Confession's ability to remove my own bounties would come in handy if I ran into the Law, and the extra income is always nice otherwise. Too Much Attention would do the job of booting out any naughty Outlaws, and would combo nicely with Confession if I wanted to frame folks from other factions myself.

Inevitably, I didn't face a single Law Dogs deck, and my one game against the Outlaws was over in a rapid hail of bullets. Still, the deck took me to 3 wins and 2 defeats - both of those defeats coming against fellow Blessed Anarchists.

Game 1 was a cagey, close run match against @theHuffDaBeast's own House of Many Faiths. I thought I'd managed to manoeuvre myself into a winning shootout thanks to my deck's several movement tricks (the outfit, Sentinel, Walk the Path), but my opponent outdrew me with their own Yasmin Tian's single draw bullet against my two dudes with 2 stud and one draw. A bit unlucky, but those unpredictable moments are why Doomtown is such a great game.

Game 2 was against @hehasmoments....again. Seems we're destined to be drawn together in every online event ever! We got into an early fight over one of his deeds, and I just happened to have most of my shootout actions in my play hand, and an Onward Christian Soldiers in the fight protecting my own bullets. A fast and bloody win against his Deadwood Miner's Alliance

Game 3 was a much longer one against @DoomDog. He always builds fun and interesting decks, and this was no exception. I just couldn't get rid of Rev Bob thanks to Arielle Moriah constantly Soothing and Laying Hands on him. Doomdog wins!

Game 4 against @drew.christiansen's Encroaching Darkness was a seesawing game in which their werewolf named Alan chewed through my dudes early on, until Ezrael Jones found a Thirst for Blood at Charlie's Place and secured me the win.

Game 5 was against another old adversary, @RSDoom, who had gotten off to a flying start in this event with his Regulators deck before it turned against him. He didn't really get going in our game, leading to a rather comical Nathan Shane chase all around town, before I was able to play enough deeds to secure the win.

Overall, I'm fairly happy with this deck. It was fun to play, with a decent toolbox of options for a variety of situations. The low-upkeep starting posse meant its economy was good, so accruing CPs through deeds was never a problem, especially with Sentinel as a back up. Grimme always felt worth the 1GR either when miracles were hard to come by, or to fish off values out of the deck.

If I were making changes I'd probably add in more on-the-table cheatin' punishment - Consecration probably - to free up action slots for more Pistol Whips and Faster on the Draws as often I felt like I was short on shootout plays.

Thanks to all of my opponents for the fun games!