Slippery Miners

published Mar 03, 2022 | | |
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Prodigy 695

This is the list I took to the 2021/2022 online Marshall. I'd heard there might be a good amount of DMA's in the tourney, but I was set on running a deck with Lacy O'Malley, and this one seemed way too fun to pass up.

The short of it: there are a bunch of movement shenanigans, and a bunch of shootout cards. Lacy clears your hand every round, so essentially you just look at your hand and it will tell you: either you want to get into a shootout, or you will screw with your opponent with all sorts of shenanigans using Belligerence, Make the Smart Choice, Fleet-Footed to boot dudes like Allie Hensman to get CP then scurry away, or use the home on "Ma" Florence Aims or anyone else to get bounty and cash. Even if you don't have any shenanigan cards, Frank Stillwell is -always- up for shenanigans!

Other movement cards like Shortcut and Swagger help to set up the shenanigans, or just chase someone down if you have an otherwise full hand of shootout cards.

Tons of fun and very versatile, but has some flaws of course. No starting stud can hurt, and with that I'd either start a stud, or maybe put more clubs in to ensure at least a flush with any dude. If you don't have at least a few off-value cards on the table, it really does need some stud to reliably shoot.

Otherwise it's great fun to let your new hand each turn decide your course of action, and it really puts your opponent off guard to see what looks like serious aggression sometimes turn into simply running back home! It's like a deck where every dude is potentially as slippery as Frank Stillwell!!!