Law Dog Gadgets - Straight Flush Hearts

published Jun 27, 2023 | | |
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Flipmaester 1

Having always wanted to build a Law Dogs mad science deck, as well as a hearts straight flush deck, I decided to combine the two. Is it a good idea? Probably not.

The straight flush structure makes it likely that Drew Beauman will trigger off lowball, allowing for quick and easy invention of a lot of gadgets. Dr. JT Goodenough fishes for a Aetheric Shockwave Inducer or a Electrostatic Pump Gun at the start of the game, giving it to Tommy Harden to make him a menace from the get go. Slam down a Decimator Array and you have your engine ready to go to town and hopefully draw a bunch of straight flushes, since all the backup 7's, 8's and 9's makes it likely that you can wring out that straight flush. Give dudes bounty with Dr. Erik Yaple and the outfit, and capitalize on it in a number of ways.

Format is Old Timer since I mostly play kitchen table DT, and I fear that WWE has too few gadgets to make it work as of yet.