Action • Cost 0

Cheatin' Resolution: You may change the value and suit of one card in your draw hand. Your new hand is considered legal. If this is the Gamblin' Phase, draw a card.

"Well, lookee here!"
Neutral • Debt of Blood #51
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this one I am going to have to take the blame for.

it works on both shootouts and Gamblin' (as indicated by the last line).

Competition in the Three of Hearts is admittedly stiff - Sun in Yer Eyes and The Stakes Just Rose - are the gold standard for Shootout actions.

and Cheating Resolutions are something that you want in a deck, they can save your bacon, but the Three of clubs has really languished. Fool Me Once... sort of worked for Old Timer, but since it attached and left your deck, it did not do your draw structure any favors (plus it did not help you win shootouts).

If you are running on the lower end of the value spectrum, you should be more likely to win lowball (all things considered) and be able to play this cheatin' resolution in time to protect your hand from being hit by your opponent. (Also added that text so that you can hit a safe five of a kind without a joker).

always a risk to drop your cheatin' punishment on lowball, but if you do (hopefully in order to win the pot), this card at least replaces itself.