Counterfeiting Cops

published Mar 13, 2016 | | |
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DoomDog 931

Who says Law Dog gadgets can't win anything? Okay, winning a small OP event with a 2-1 record isn't brilliant, and it's more a Bounty Hunter deck with some gadget support, but a win with gadgets is a win with gadgets, right?

I wanted to do a Currency Press deck, but I didn't want to do a Stables or Force Field deck as those are everywhere at the moment. So what else could I use all that ghost rock for? Hired Help, that's what! My first thought was to run this out of Morgan and use Luke, the Errand Boy to move the presses onto the Gunslingers mid-fight to get the card draw, but then I started falling into the type of deck I was trying to avoid. Who else has (much-maligned) Mad Scientists? The Law Dogs!

Since I'm already wanting to run Hired Help, why not run Bounty Hunter and have the potential for a posse of multiple Gunslingers? Who needs shamans for token dude spam when you can print money and hire an army of expendable mooks? That sounds like a deck idea...

The strong economy also meant I was able to get the Law Dogs' 8-value big-hitters Wylie & Judge Harry into play each game, which was nice.

I went for the slightly risky move of having no Cheatin' Resolution actions, instead relying on the awesome on-value guns to do the job. QUATERMAN helped out by being a LeMat/Quickdraw Handgun caddy moving to back up the Gunslingers where needed, and the likes of Tommy with a Quickdraw Handgun and Wylie with a LeMat are easily enough to make anyone think twice about cheatin'. Besides, when you're running a token dude into a fight and you're fairly sure you're going to be able to Point Blank your mark regardless, who cares what they draw?

Xemo's Turban is in there because I wanted an attire, I hadn't used it before, and I figured I had a decent chance of inventing it and no big loss if I failed. I found its card cycling ability was a great help, but you can flavour those card spots to suit as they're not key to the deck. Likewise, if you're fine starting with four influence you can always swap Jake for Travis. You need Lucy for bounty generation early in the game.