Lula's Low Value Gadgets

published Mar 22, 2017 | | |
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DoomDog 931

I like this deck. It looks fun and well-rounded. When I started building this, I first tried the Arsenal but I couldn't settle on a starting posse. Far easier to run gadgets out of Morgan. Decent shootout structure, forced callouts thanks to ...It's who you know and Culpability Scientizer, the base Morgan home to help you play deeds when you need them, and even some horses for when you inevitably face Calling the Cavalry.

There are plenty of options for tweaks too. For example, dropping the sixes for a lower value would require a re-jig of the starting dudes to ensure reliable inventin' success but would let you run the Legendary Holster. You could throw in a few more steeds, Maggie Harris and swap some 6 of clubs to run Calling The Cavalry yourself to back up your aggro plays.

It may have problems with Shotguns and Soul Blasts due to the low values and total grit of most of the dudes, but the starting posse at least should be a bit more resilient in that regard.