Donkeys and Hexes - 1st at tournament Wiskey in the jar

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oortje 75

Thanks to the original writer of this deck, sorry I forgot who it is. This deck is briljant.

It went 4-0 today in a nice and cosy 5 player tournament in Utrecht, The Netherlands. I had to face every player once.

round 1: vs. Rudolfs totem indians. He got no deeds out and was jamed on totems. He had a bad time time playing the deck. This was the easiest one.

Round 2: vs Chris oops I forgot what he played. Please remind me in the comments.

Round 3: vs Kees's morgan regulators with skeletons. This was the one I feared the most. That deck had the potential of making the biggest studs, but he got till a 3 stud. I was able to out-Run 'Em Down! him. Having more horses helped ofcourse.

round 4, final round. vs Pauls Lawdogs. The netdeck thunder thunder thunder boy. Somewhere after a few rounds he was able to pay and sustain Steven Wiles, which was really anoying. He kept me at home for a while. But his lines where a little thin. After a few rounds of fending of anoying bountyhunters I isolated Hattie DeLorre and killed her. Thunderboy was not doing a lot since I had no bounties anymore. Henry Moranand Maggie Harris where already dead. Theo Whateley-Boyer had 3 Fetch and a Joker. Making shootouts nasty for him. I drew steady legal fullhouses and he had a lot of illigal hands. One by one his guys left the table. In the last round I played another run m down on steven wills. I called in the cavelary and with 2 horses he had no chance. Leaving Paul with just 2 dudes. At some point this game could have gone the wrong direction, but with patience, carfull moves and some luck I won it.

Thanks you all for this awesome day.

Oct 08, 2017 oortje

I wrote the above in a rush. Its not very complete. Round 2 was vs morgan gadgettorium. 8,9&Qs. Mechanical horses and Bio-Charged Neutralizer. A lot of experimental gadgets. It looked fun to play. He started with the madsientist who makes a pull to send a dude home or ace him. And then dies on a spade. Hilarious.

Oct 08, 2017 Harlath

Congratulations, looks very strong. Should even get some slight upgrades with TCaR as Buffalo Emporium and Adrián Vallejo look like natural fits.

Thanks for the report, helpful to see what is doing well.