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madscience 154

My latest incarnation of my Morgan deck. The goal is to just keep dropping deeds, avoid shootouts, let them squat. Eventually, you will simply have more deeds, than they have dudes and influence.

I have been debating adding back "Make the Smart Choice", but I'm unsure if it's needed. I generally try and keep someone in town's square, or at a mobility deed to get to a shootout to aid any booted dudes.

You don't "need" to move for Hustings generally. You have enough influence that it doesn't matter "that much"

Other than that, just use the built in combos, save a couple of rumors to make chess hard on them, and just DROP DEEDS

Mar 11, 2015 AdmiralGT

Only Irving and Max can defend deeds so if you're opponent is aggressive early you're going to struggle to make any income which is going to make playing more deeds even more tricky.

Personally I'd start Androcles over Max since he's great defence and isn't going to hurt your income as much.

Interesting that you try to keep someone in town square and have 2x #Hustings. I'd expect any opponent who sees Morgan with no Mad Science to call out anyone in town square (and you rarely can expect to win a shootout) and then to control Hustings and use it against you. Generally it's not played in landslide but maybe we're all wrong.

I'd maybe get rid of a couple of Hustings and add a couple of Make the Smart Choice (it really is a good card in landslide) and see if it fairs any better. Also possibly switch out for more of the Out of Town deeds as these are excellent income generators since you can play them safely with the outfit ability (since dudes have to boot to them in order to move there so they're safe from call-outs for a turn).

Mar 12, 2015 madscience

I've yet to really need to defend deeds. I generally drop multiple deeds per turn, and keep pistol whip in hand whenever possible.

As I said, you generally don't even need to leave home for hustings if your opponent controls it. Going to Sundown, even if I play it, and they control it first turn, leaves me with 5 influence during sundown. I'm not sure why you wouldn't run Hustings. When I drop it, it is unbelievable in changing the way my opponents approach the board.

Starting max is key. I have played as many as 4 deeds on turn one with Max.

Win lowball (not terribly hard with this deck) 5 rock. Telegraph office - booting max to get it. (deed 1) Steven Wiles - boot office to gain 3 from bringing him into play 7 rock. Baird's - 4 rock. (deed #2) Boot Baird's drop a deed, preferably a cost of 3 or less. (deed #3) Play another cheap deed.

I was previously running make the smart choice, and I found that I didn't use it nearly as often as I thought I was going to, so in this version, I have replaced it with multiple copies of hustings, baird's, the parish, and then Lawrence.

This is just to see if it's faster, and if the added speed, is worth the added risk of having fewer defenses.

If it's not, then I'll go back to running MtSC.