Dude • Stud 3 • Influence 2 • Cost 5 • Upkeep 2

"I don't think the madame was too upset that I stole her jewels. Her heart? That's a different story."
• Matthew Sweeney • Base Set #41 | Weird West Edition #83
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Pancho seems to get more quotes on cards then anyone else. As a man, he's someone I aspire to be. As a card, its much more difficult. I mean, Pancho brings everything you need: a rock solid 3 stud and enough influence to keep you in a game and contest important deeds. His cost, though, is awkward. At 5, recycling him isn't really an option and as far as I can tell 5s aren't a value any deck particularly wants lots of anyway. With 2 upkeep, keeping him around taxes you heavily for someone who isn't giving you any unique capability. All that said, there really isn't anyway to bring 3 Stud and 2 influence into the game cheaper, nevermind with a single card. How often are you in a situation where the thing you need a scary shooter to chase the opponent AND some influence to stay in the game? Pancho gives it to you. I mean, it'll cost you in the long term, but getting all those stats for 5 can help you create a situation where there IS a long term or even better close out the game. Having no ability isn't an advantage, but it also means you are never paying extra for stuff you don't need. Pancho gives you raw stats and sometimes that's just what you need.

I think Pancho is a great dude that provides cost efficient stats in the midgame regardless of the situation.

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Pancho Castillo is one of the key dudes for the Sloane Gang. He's remarkably flexible and provides some bite. His 3 stud is scary by itself. His two influence is what makes him outstanding for only 5 GR. He easily slots into any Sloane Gang deck, which makes great use of the 5 value with cards like Pistol Whip, Hiding in the Shadows, Charlie's Place, Pearly's Palace, and Mustang. A great way to get him into play is with Recruitment Drive which makes him free for a turn. His 2 upkeep can be a bit costly, but what a. You expect for all the board presence Pancho provides. He will be a staple for the Sloane outfit for quite some time.

Rating: 4/5. One of the best dudes in the base set. For his cost there are few better, adding in the fact that he is on value for the Gang, and you've got the makings of an excellent card that you are almost never sad to see.

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This guy should be the busiest Sloane on the board from turn 1. He's a bully plain and simple, no flash, no glitz, just a cheap bully who can intimidate must starting games from the get go. The upkeep is a bit steep for a starting posse but the dividends in return are worth it.