Sloane Gang PAX Abomination 6th place (I think!)

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Robert 18

Love playing Sloane Gang, tried to incorporate some new cards and include some Abomination and Fourth Ring dudes. Perhaps an uninspiring list, but I enjoy playing it. Won my first 2, then lost to Tom's Hit and Run and then Dave's Protection Racket. Tom saw his Holster early and I wasn't fast enough. I put the pressure on, but luckily his Hired Guns saved the day! He brought out a dude to raise his Influence and then just started picking me off one by one. It was a great construct and well played. Dave and I settled the score the only way a pair of Outlaws could, with a few shootouts!

The deck rarely ever wins lowball. A Fancy New Hat was added to give a chump an influence to control an opponent's deed, but I never needed it. Coachwhip! is fine, but I almost always cheat, so it's not that good in this deck. Ike brought influence, but at a cost and I might've played 2 deeds all day. The deeds are mainly there for a tight draw structure.

The changes I will be making: Ike will be leaving, Coachwhip! will be removed along with some deeds. Frank will be making an appearance, Cookin' Up Trouble and Ricochet will be added. I'm still on the fence with Fancy New Hat. Probably not worth the slot, but I feel like it could push me over the edge for a mid-game win. Maybe add a Muggin' or something to deal with Holsters and Shotguns (another weakness of my deck). Hopefully the added actions and loosened draw structure will make this better!

Dec 03, 2018 jordan caldwell


I am curious first off why you are considering removing Ike Clanton from your deck; his cost-to-influence ratio is one of the best in the game!

+1 on Mugging - there are so many annoying attachments! - plus it combos well with Pistol Whip as your dealer arrives at the scene unbooted.

And, if'n you do that (add more jobs), have you considered giving a pair of Quarter Horse a try?

Dec 03, 2018 Robert

Hey man! Was hoping you'd make it, but totally understand logistics.

Mugging is in. I think Frank might be better for what I need the influence for. It was weird for me to start with 5 influence, but I really only need influence to take control of another player's deed. While 2 is better, 1 is good enough and I think I could use Frank's ability more to my advantage than Ike's (to get dudes out of position). I don't know, but that's what I'd like to try!

I like the idea of Quarter Horse. I should probably add some more jobs though right? I'm not sure what I'm going to do about deeds. Right now, I'm going to make these 'slight modifications' and see how it plays out. My 7 value deeds will rarely see play - they are too expensive. However, I'm hesitant to loosen my draw structure too much for this deck. Shedding a 3 and 7 of diamond though . . . might be worth it.

Dec 03, 2018 jordan caldwell

Yeah I had some family stuff come up and although I really wanted to make it, instead I had to watch on vicariously. Looks like you guys had a healthy respectable field.

I see your point about Frank Stillwell over Ike Clanton - lookin' past the quantities and into the qualities; or the function over the form - and bein' that that's the case, was wonderin' if that means you will return Lawrence Blackwood to the deck's interior (lest weaken your 3-spade count). Perhaps considerin' Virginia Ann Earp as a starter (notice here that she plays nice with Barton Everest).

And speakin' of the viscosity of your structure, the general metric I use runs something like 0-3 off-value cards is "tight"; 4-7 off-value cards is "medium"; and 8 or more off-value cards is "loose". That is, for decks that fully intend to shoot and have a standard 3-value structure in the first place.

Anyhow, one last recommendation that speaks to your "I never play my deeds" remark would be Maza Gang Hideout over Hunter Protections because not only so Outlaws need an affordable hideout, the latter deed is a little redundant with your chosen home.


Dec 06, 2018 Robert

Exchanged Hunter Protections with Maza Gang Hideout, Virginia Ann with Clementine and Ike with Frank. I kept Blackwood in the starting line-up. Removed Fancy New Hat and Coachwhip for Cooking Up Trouble and Ricochet. Only played once and against slide, but won. Missed Fancy New Hat in this matchup - it's really a difference maker against slide. There was not a single shootout so none of my changes really mattered. Good to know I can move around with this deck. Obviously, need to play more. I actually won lowball first day and put ranch into play! A whole lotta nothing to report, but figured it'd be worth your minute to read it!

Dec 06, 2018 Harlath

Congratulations, glad this is still working pretty well for you. :)

Seconding @jordan caldwell that Virginia Ann Earp is worth considering even off value, as you can flex her in against Morgan Regulators/Fourth Ring if you're expecting Calling The Cavalry or Hex Slingin'. And on the Maza Gang Hideout suggestion too for that matter.