Ardefoti - (Genghis Con Denver Final Four)

published Feb 27, 2019 | | |
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aussiescum 3

First, what's up with the name ? Ardefoti ? Zach asked me what the name of my deck was, since all of his are so cleverly named. I replied with "Random Deck I Found on the Internet" (RDIFOTI) ... and that was that.

I started out basing this deck on a deck I found here. I have always liked the Law Dogs and the Blessed and this deck looked interesting enough to play.

After playing a few friendly games, I had a few immediate issues. The starting cash flow was low and only 10 deeds meant they were often hard to find.

Talking to Zach, on Friday night at the con, we talked over a few options.

Even though Rev. Perry Inbody is great at allowing an unboot, he was a little expensive, same with Hattie DeLorre, so they came out and I replaced them with Padre Ernesto de Diaz and Henry Moran which left me starting with 6 rock.

Hattie could maybe have stayed and been useful in a few fights, your mileage there may vary.

Starting with 6 GR means that if you win lowball and have the Judge in hand you can play him early and to great effect, with a little luck, as one of my opponents found out. That wasn't the main reason for going that route, but it was fortuitous when it happened.

Hearts were OK as is. I didn't like Cooke's Nightcap because of the control point penalty with the opponent controlling it so I doubled up on Pat's Perch, leaving an extra card on structure in the deck and making the card a little easier to find for the easy +1 income.

For the clubs, I dropped 2x Bounty Hunter for a couple of This'll Hurt in the Mornin' for some Cheatin' Resolution and added in a pair of Ricochet at the cost of one It's Not What You Know....

In retrospect, I maybe had too many Cheatin' resolutions in the deck or maybe I just had opponents who didn't cheat much. Who knows. If I had it to do over, I'd probably add one extra Bounty Hunter back in at 8C. Callouts at the opposing home were hard to come by.

My recollections on who I played are a little fuzzy so I will leave out a round by round summary.

All in all, the deck performed well. The Intercessions I'm not so sure about after having played several round with it. When it works, it works well. When your opponent has Pistol Whips, your fortunes turn fast and hard.

I had a great weekend and I thank everyone involved.

Feb 27, 2019 Harlath

Excellent report - I really appreciated your thoughts on the changes you made, what worked/didn't work and that you're still making up your mind about Intercession. Glad you had a great time and congratulations on your T4 finish. :)

Sounds like in the future you're maybe be 4x Bounty Hunter and then 1x Ricochet and 1x It's Not What You Know...? As latter can be used even if opponent doesn't cheat. Censure can work well too - Father Tolarios can fetch it even if you're just running a single copy and it is reasonably strong cheatin' punisment.

Few of us can hope to match Zach for creativity in deck names!

Feb 27, 2019 aussiescum

There were so many things to go fishing for with Father T ... and many times not enough days to do it. It's possible that Get Behind Me should have been the first fetch every time. Often used it to go get Confession or Jael's Guile. Guess it really needs to be situational based upon the cards in hand and exactly what the opponent is doing.

If the game lasts long enough you can even start grinding Sentinel CP's if you've got someone who can protect Father Tolarios