U Can't Touch This

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Prodigy 764

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Put on your parachute pants and get ready to "STOP.... Hammer time!"

Trying to take advantage of as many of the 'nope' cards as possible, mainly Hiding in the Shadows, A Slight Modification, and the wonderful new Fallen Star! Bonus points to Willa Mae and Force Field for fitting into the "u can't touch this" theme, as well.

So how best to take advantage of the opponent not being able to affect your dudes? Multiple ways:

First, draw structure. I tend to stay away from split flush/value draw structures (like 1x16, or 2x16 with a SF backup), as I always seem to draw into my shootout hand half of one, half of the other, then inevitably discard and go for the wrong one. Reliably drawing more cards into your hand (because they cannot touch your studs) drastically helps with that problem. This deck has 2x14 with 24 clubs, and SF on 5-9.

Second, cards that require booting and/or bullets. Your Hydro-Puncher and Electrostatic Pump Gun are safe to do their thing, and most importantly, your Point Blank will rarely be unusable because of booted or de-bulleted (new word!) studs. I toyed with putting Outgunned in there, which is another fantastic option, but in this deck I don't think it can muster the bullets to reliably use it, even though all gadget weapons are +2 or more bullets. Starting dudes bullets are just too low.

Dr. JT Goodenough grifts for a Yagn's Mechanical Skeleton or Kinetic Accretion Actualizer - both chosen because they give +2 bullets and can remain unbooted for use with the home, or with A Slight Modification. Chances are they will let you keep the Actualizer, so the starting wealth is likely 1 - hoping to make up for it with zero upkeep, and generally being very shootout and aggressive-capable from day 1.

Oct 29, 2021 DoomDog

For theme purposes, the hammer feels like a glaring omission from this deck.
It even combos with the Hydro Puncher :)

Nov 02, 2021 Prodigy

haha, trust me, I strongly considered that. However there just wasn't enough room, if I wanted to keep this as a relatively viable deck. For full-meme mode, definitely add some Hammers (for obvious reasons) and at least 1-2 Peacemaker (for 'u cant touch this' reasons).