Eagle Wardens DMH + Recursion

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mplain 1630

This deck is based on @gozik's The Undertaken II and @swider's Law Dogs DMH refining deck.

Marcia Ridge goes to the town square and draws cards, turning John "Aces" Radcliffe into a stud and letting you use abilities on your opponent's deeds. But that's old stuff.

Play the Undertaker as soon as possible, then use Eagle Wardens outfit, Gomorra Parish, and Buried Treasure to refine your deck structure into pure DMH. Ace abominations to gain tons of money, then put them back into play using the Soul Cage.

The Evidence aces itself and turns on Bounty Hunters, a.k.a. the ballistic DMH delivery system.

I want to add more dudes and shootout actions, but I cannot really weaken the draw structure further because it's based around only two strong values, and you'll probably need to shoot early before your DMH is not refined yet. In late game though, you'll devastate enemies in every shootout! I'd also love to add Spirit Trails, but there's just not enough space for everything! =_=

Sep 09, 2015 viagrom

Pending this (till October), there is much we can do, for example: dtdb.co

Sep 09, 2015 mplain

@viagromIOUF was released yesterday, hopefully we won't have to wait til October. But yeah, the same concept works fine in Oddities of Nature.

Sep 09, 2015 viagrom

@mplainmy bad, i was thinking about www.alderac.com

Sep 10, 2015 Csonti

It looks a very risky strategy to play the Undertaker ASAP. Wouldn't you be at a distinct disadvantage if the opponent grabs it?

Sep 10, 2015 mplain

@Csontifor that your opponent will have to cross the town square, where my dudes are camped and ready for a fight. And if he moves a single dude with influence by booting from home to my deed, John goes there solo for the kill. At least that's how it worked for me in the last couple of games.

Sep 10, 2015 Csonti

Could work or not, all depends on the opponent. Like if they have Sun in Yer Eyes, Radcliffe would be in trouble. Or a Huckster deck can boot him at the town square and then move onto the deed (and/or use Shadow Walk). Even the fight at the town square is not in your favour against a fighting focused deck since if you attack, Jac is a draw and a single Pistol Whip can get rid of Radcliffe (and there is a ton of things that let you join the posse without booting). Anyway it is all theorytown by now, was just curious whether a hidden masterplan is here that I missed.

Sep 10, 2015 mplain

@Csontiwhen i build new decks, I don't ever think about how they'd fare against Clowns or Landslide. I just try not to play vs. those two. I enjoy the game more that way.

Sep 10, 2015 Csonti

Very well said, Sir! :)

Sep 10, 2015 Gozik

@Csonti John still remain stud after sun in your eyes.

Have not tested this particular build, but Undertaken decks (undertaker+tressure combo) works well vs clowns and landslyde. You have so much early burst that you can play lot of dudes quickly. And deny their income/have more dudes, they can paralyze.

Defencing undertaker is pretty much the whole idea of deck. You not always must call out a dude their, you can just move Jacqualine and dude with influence their and wait until opponent call you out. All-in shootout in undertaker are ussually in your favor because opponent gets bounty, and you get ghost rock for aced dudes(yours and opponent's).

Sep 10, 2015 Csonti

Yeah, he remains a stud but a sole stud 1 is nothing stellar.

I don't know how this early burst you speak of is possible when you have 5-7 starting GR and you have to spend 4 on Undertaker. With a lost lowball you can buy nothing shiny. If you are the winner you can have something for 3 and that's it. Half of the available deeds here are still unpayable with that much.

Maybe you can fend off any early offenders with other builds but this deck has only a single 1 (real) inf guy if Marcia does his stuff at the TS. So you definitely have to attack the opponent at the Undertaker if he or she opts to go after that because 1 inf won't grant you control there for sure. (Unless of course you got Steven which you have a decent chance after drawing 8 cards total. Steve would save the day, no doubt.)

Sep 10, 2015 Gozik

Install undertaker, go to town square, use outfit, ace dude - gain 2 ghost rocks. Play one or two Tressure - gain 3-6 rocks more. Yeh it sounds like best case scenario, but believe it is pretty usual scenario how thees decks starts.

And about 1 on 1 fights - you also have suns, sweats and mornings(btw they also trigger Undertaker), so decision on defending or not defending undertaker should always come from board. (You can defend it more often in practice).

If opponents sits with all his huge guys in undertaker - you just do not ace dudes with tressure and this becomes ussual warden deck. It is ok sinse your opponent have to really commit for this, and you have other ways to grow (just keep using outfit and build more deeds and dudes).

Sep 11, 2015 rhythm

How does this deck do against des row and lots of clubs? Do you still camp out in town square?