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swider 81

The deck I used most often during last OCTGN league, including semi and a final game.

Mar 26, 2017 jordan caldwell

Ooh I never thought of using the Full Moon Brotherhood home to limit movement as a way to set up Puppet - that's devious!

Mar 26, 2017 swider

Actually, FMB is mainly for switching off Jake, Karl, Fred and Bai Yang. Situationally it has ather uses including the one you mentioned :)

Apr 08, 2017 InvertedGuard

Why the 6 and 10 of Clubs? And how do you win generally?

Apr 09, 2017 swider

This deck needs to be fast and you need to bring as many spells and at least one more huckster as soon as possible. The win condition is simple play CP and reduce opponent's influence.