ChupacabraCon Rangers Event Native Blockfluence - Top 8

published Sep 13, 2020 | | |
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kollatt 513

top 8 placement in the online ranger series 2020. more or less a merging of the influence shooter and blockade archetypes with a horse sidekick sub-theme to win attrition wars ( combined with turtle's guard ) in town square and fight/utilize calling the cavalry. mariel synergizes best with the home's ability as she doesn't need to boot for her built-in shootout power and even if she does lead an election day slaughter she can send the one unbooted dude home to automatically succeed. leychaa'i also tends to surprise with her versatility, esp. if one of your sidekick'd dudes gets sent home during the battle. super fun tournament! the deck went 4-2 overall. i feel i could have played it better and made some crucial errors in being overly aggressive when i shouldn't have. rumors was often an mvp in turning on mariel if influence totals were level with the opponent's.

Sep 16, 2020 Harlath

I really like this, was a really difficult match up for my calling the cavalry deck at the end of Swiss in the Ranger event and I feared seeing it again in the knockout rounds. Natural answer to Calling The Cavalry in having its own horses. Election Day Slaughter is really good, gives opponents horrible choices - they want to defend it but if they oppose and lose/tie a shootout round the dude removal really starts to stack up.

Turtle's Guard in there too, a real powerhouse of a card.

Glad to see Leychaa'i Youngheart in there, strong recent dude. Does sidekick prevalence and successful decks like this make a case for Scattergun? Or people running Winona Rein-Breaker as a "flex" starting gang option?

Thanks for the game and sharing the list. Like Mariel Lewis with Rumors.

As ever, interested in any changes you'd consider.

Sep 22, 2020 kollatt

i think just removing a couple of off-values would be helpful. iwyk didn't feel too crucial and go down to 3 turtle's guards. i could replace one spirit with another escort and up the bible count maybe. i think all that would assist with the shootouts a bit.