Deed • Control 0 • Cost 2 • Production 0
Private • Out of Town • Strike

Noon, Boot: Discard your hand, then gain one ghost rock for each card discarded.

Neutral • Debt of Blood #32
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This deed. At first my players thought my "Deep Six Strike" was madness.

up to FIVE ghost rock from a single deed? AND it improves your card draw throughput?

of course, after you use it you advertise that you cannot play any actions, deeds, or other tricks this round. No surprise Cheatin' Resolutions to turn the tide.

and it is a Noon Boot, so your opponent could just beat you to it and take the gains for themselves.

and Out of Town, without a control point, surely there are better things to fight over.

I know that I like to make people make hard decisions - is this one?