Hot Sloan Flyin

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SirLargeness 196

Howdy. So the basic premise is move directly to town square with most of your dudes and bait your opponent into a shootout involving all your dudes, then punish with Hot Lead Flying. Your starting 5 will change alot per matchup, which is part of the power of the deck. Keep in mind that DTDB does not factor in Rico's discount on the starting wealth, so the starting ghost rock economy of the deck is not as anemic as it may seem on paper.

If you think your opponent might be playing slide or Haunted House start Rico as your only grifter. Both matchups benefit from having Fred Aims and Makaio Kaleo, Esq. in your starting posse. Using the Outfit during lowball every turn nets you infinite influence over the course of the game with these 2 so definitly take advantage of the synergy. Against Haunted house i also start Allie Hensman, where as against Slide i'll start Jake Smiley instead. I generally choose Lawrence Blackwood to round out both starting groups.

Against 4th ring control i tend to stick with the standard starting but make my first Noon play Barton Everest into town square and leave Angélica Espinosa at home. You'll create a situation where they have to get into a shootout with you in town square and you'll punish them with HLF when they use Hex Slingin to win.

The draw structure may seem week, but really its built to get full houses as a base, with 4 and 5 of a kind cheating strong possibilities. Since you'll usually create 5+ casualties with HLF, its really only necessary to keep it close with the Outfit and Barton, lose by 1-2 and then punish. If they leave you alone in town square for a couple turns you'll have usually 2 HLF by then which will obliterate their board since there's no limit to how many times you can react with it. Recently i played a game where my shooter got 6 control points from "A fight they'll never forget" because the dudes aced over two HLF still interacted with that card. Getting control points for losing is pretty fun.

It has a great matchup against Aggro Jobs as you can afford to sit back at home and if they come in you can defend all in with surprising solid results. If you dont start with HLF, activate Travis Moone. You'll usually be able to start outproducing them dudes wise within 2 turns and then you can go out and take control of town square once they're out of gas. If they ambush/kidnap you at home on turn one you can afford to let that guy go if you dont have the hand you'd like, but Angelica gives you some breathing room in how you want the shootout actions to go.

I recently got second in my last tournament with an older version of this deck and think it is primed to do well until the meta changes. Im sure there are other versions of the same idea somewhere here, as its a rather obvious direction to go with this Outfit, but all the choices here are stuff that ive tested.

Feb 05, 2016 mplain

What's Haunted House?

Feb 05, 2016 SirLargeness
Feb 06, 2016 dibat

Spirits in a spooky house is what gave inspiration to that name in our group