Doomsday currency.

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jaythejester 460

One of the Stock yards is "Open Wound" Four Mother Bear's Rage are Doomsday Supply

In order for landslides to work anymore, they have to be fast, and have movement. They have to not only have a higher tempo than your opponent, and keep playing out even as your opponent takes over your deeds, they have to do it more than twice the speed then your opponent. Ghost Rock and movement is my answer

Doomsday supply is the excuse for this deck. Since it can pull Disgenuine Currency Press + Prof. Eustace True invents without booting, gains you 3 gr, play a deed for 2 less with home ability, discard currency press to go home, and draw a card. Add Arnold Stewart to the equation and you have a good chance of drawing a deed as well. If you get over burdened by currency devices dump them on Steven when he shows up. Movement at end game comes from Mechanical Horse and Prof. Eustace True.

Aug 01, 2016 bithlord

In order for landslides to work anymore, they have to be fast, and have movement.

Aug 03, 2016 jaythejester

I might drop Carter's Bounties for Max Baine, This might substantially slow this deck down, but mid game you will likely have huge ghost rock, he is excellent influence, can up your dudes influence, and can be worth a cp.

Aug 03, 2016 dietrich

not bad but i think you could do better with a different starting posse. cram in Luke, the errand boy somehow. You do this so that william specks can invent the currency press for free, unboot himself, Luke transfer the press to eustace, and then he discards it to move. Net effect is 5 ghost rock, no hand loss, eustace moves, and specks can use his ability again to save even more cost rock. id get rid of jake smiley as he isnt a help unless u fail to get the landslide to succeed, which nets you another ghost rock at the start.

Aug 03, 2016 swider
  1. Specks cannot use his ability on himself.
  2. Specks cannot use his ability twice the same turn.
  3. You don't need Luke to trade goods.