Ghosts and Gadgets (Spiritual Science)

published Nov 11, 2017 | | |

Cuthbert 5

Raven still gets flashbacks about that journey. Hellstromme decided to delve in that twisted mind and investigate.

Chief Stephen Seven-Eagles is here to stop the silliness once and for all, and a helpful nurse tries to make him snap out of it.

Nov 11, 2017 Cuthbert

based on:

don't know why it didn't put it in the "Derived from"

Nov 11, 2017 DoomDog

I'd think about switching up the starting posse a bit. Might Mazatl be better in place of Butch Deuces? Or perhaps if you were to drop Hellstromme as you were thinking add Lydia Bear-Hands instead? You could then trade out Marcia to add Agent Provocateur to the starting lineup, getting you a bit more influence and starting less upkeep - both good things.

Fears No Owls might be nice to have in the deck, as would Jackson's Strike and Hellstromme Plant #9. I think focusing your goods choices a bit more might be useful, to make the deck a bit more consistent in terms of the effects you get in to play. I like the deck though, certainly an interesting place to start from.

Nov 12, 2017 Cuthbert

I agree, starting posse needs adjusting. I'm considering starting with even less influence by going with Black Elk, dropping Marcia entirely from the deck, perhaps also Luke. I'll proably also drop 1-2 Open Wounds to get that Plant.

The dudes you suggested are good for this deck; I'm considering both Maztl and Fears no Owls, but I'm a bit hesitant to drop Butch Deuces as his grifter ability is basically a choice between two different starting hands since there are so many spirits in this deck, and I can even try to shoot for those Decimator Arrays early (that's exactly what happen last game ^^ ).

Nov 12, 2017 Cuthbert

I think I'll go with even less deeds, try to mix up some Spirit Trails, sneak in Doris Powell at opportune times, drop in the Chief with help from the Agent and see where that goes