Robot Jesus Saves 3.0 Portland Name a Card tournament 1st P

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Willisbatman 33

For those people who have been following this deck over its many versions, it is really starting to come into its own . The change to the starting crew is a subtle change but it makes the deck pretty flexible . I ended up playing against pretty diverse field . This deck won 16 games the day of the event (I played all of the players that came out over the course of the day ) Fate has been kind that I have yet to run into a dedicated shot gun deck as it would be a real problem for it ( that’s why Unprepared made it into the deck ( I have strong feelings about using this card as I think its bad for the meta which is why there is only one copy of it and it makes me feel like a huge hypocrite.) the key to making this deck work is the starting posse when outfits are revealed you should make your best guess as to what your opponent is up to and make some choices . ( if you think it’s a slide deck you are facing make sure you start Father Tolarios so you can get Amazing Grace to sit on any deeds that come out quickly . If you have any questions or advice I am always happy to hear it

Jan 28, 2020 Prodigy

Nicely done, congrats!

Do you plan on writing up a tourney report from what you can remember? If so I'll hold off on questions.

Jan 28, 2020 Willisbatman

Feel free to ask any questions I won't have time to write up a report for a week or so .

Jan 29, 2020 DoomDog

While it clearly didn't impact on the overall results, did you run into problems forming legal hands with so few spades?

Which dude usually ended up being your shooter when you had an Outgunned ready?

Did you consider using Fort 51 instead of Law Dogs for your home?

Jan 29, 2020 Willisbatman

If I have a Outgunned in hand I make sure one of the humans is the shooter as QUATERMAN can't use the card ( it makes Padre Ernesto de Diaz a key early dude as that sweet silver bullet he is packing makes him pretty badass when he gets a Lazer rifle ) for most shootouts I have a legal full House and I one two punch with outgunned and it's not what you know will win and or tie any hand in the game I have considered using fort 51 but there are no union soldier dudes so thematically I don't want to use the outfit .

Jan 30, 2020 Findegil

Theme is a valid argument I guess, but with so little bounty-leveraging it feels like even Arsenal would be better value?

Jan 30, 2020 Willisbatman

@Findegil I am unsure of what you mean by bounty leveraging . The Arsenal brings very little to this deck ( I guess I could call out dudes at home) the OG outfit should be used every turn as passing out bounty is one of the ways this deck wins .

Feb 01, 2020 Doowa

Did you fail a lot of pulls? Seems there should/ could be a lot of risk here.

I have to second the option to start other homes. I’d expect the bounty generation from Fort 51 to be close to even with Law Dogs.

Feb 08, 2020 karoob

What is exactly your main win condition here? Put pressure on oponent deeds would do? How you deal with Morgan Gadget deck that doesn't need deeds or 4R control?

Feb 10, 2020 Willisbatman

This deck is a waking nightmare for control decks as you can’t boot most of the dudes and amazing grace make messing with the influence of those dudes difficult as well . Most Gadget decks that are deedless use Technological Exhibition to generate controls points and this deck does very well in a fight so I just show up and murder anyone on the job lol I have only failed one pull with this deck in all the games I played but it was fairly inconsequential ( I failed making my third QUATERMAN by pulling the 4th Quartman ) this decks winnings games in the put out deeds/camp your opponents deeds( it also uses the outfit and Fiery Rhetoric to put pressure on opposing players.)I would very much like to hear feed back from people who try this deck with Fort 51 and see how it plays .